Posted by: purityseekers | June 26, 2008

It's been a productive week so far…

Thanks to our new index card system, our house has been running so smoothly this week!  I praise God that He led me to finding the idea and that He has helped me stay disciplined so I don’t fail!  And my kids are so excited about this that I am just SO encouraged!! It is pushing me beyond the limits!!  Too cool!!!

Here are a few pix of the kids in action!  I don’t have as many of the older 2 kids because they are so quick to get their tasks done I don’t have time to get them on film except every now and then!  The younger ones take more training, so I spend a bit of time with each to walk them through the process of each job!

I admit I haven’t had my 2.5 year old doing much so far, but I am including him next week! 

Here’s my oldest sweeping the floor…(he is AWESOME at it) and since he is older, there are some chores I give mainly to him; for instance, taking out the trash, cleaning the litter box, etc.)

and I have 3 cards each day that say "Dry & Put Away Dishes" after I’ve washed them after our meals.  I rotate them through the week and all of the older kids have to do the dishes a few times each week!  I decided, from the start, that I would WASH the dishes until I had the "drying" part perfected in each kiddo!

Here’s Middle Guy "A"…(almost 6)

and Miss "L" (4)….(she does her work SO cheerfully!  What a big girl!!!) 

My oldest daughter, age 7, zips through her work!!  She also goes the extra mile with so many things!  One of her cards yesterday was to "wash the windows" in her room because the Girl’s Room is one of the Flylady zones this week.  She not only did that job, but asked if she could wash other windows through the house!!  I will NOT argue that!

Today I gave her a "FREE" card because of all of her dedication this week to getting her cards done!!  Even after the "FREE" card, she chose certain jobs she still wanted to complete!! 

Here she is the other day doing her penmanship without being asked, because it is part of her tasks! (Don’t you love the "comforts" of homeschooling???)

A few other jobs that the kids share through the week are:


Folding laundry… ("A" always bring his "card" with him while he does his chore!  You can see the "help fold laundry" yellow index card beside him, plus his little snack of pistachios LOL)

Washing the table after meals…

Can’t forget "Potty Duty"…(amazingly one of the kids FAVORITES!!!)

They have "pet" jobs through the week of caring for our cats and Z’s hamster, Fluffy!  The other day was beautiful so they took her outside to get some fresh air…

And I am glad we are back to doing a "Quiet Time" daily so that the kids can play alone and I can have some time to pray, do my devotions, knit, etc!

The other day "Z" took her quiet time and crocheted…

The older kids really enjoy the time to just chill out… and Mama loves that the littlest guy is loving having a break himself!! I’ll end here 🙂  Have a good end to your week and make sure to get YOUR rest!!!


  1. Just got caught up on your blog- great job! I love it when life is all in order!
    Talk to ya soon! Mary

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