Posted by: purityseekers | June 27, 2008

Sew Crafty Friday

Last weekend I decided I needed a lift, so I picked out a pretty skirt to wear and a sleeveless sweater and made myself a headwrap to match…

I also made a scrunchie in case I wanted to wear my hair in a ponytail (like when I cook!)… ugh… ignore the gray hair shimmering in the sunshine! haha

Also last weekend, I got it in my head to design a "chemo cap" (AKA "skull cap") pattern.  My SIL’s sister, Debra, inspired me to, since she has cancer and has been going through chemotherapy.  Although I am knitting her some chemo caps, I thought the skull caps were kinda cool even just for anyone during the day while baking or just to keep the sun off your neck. 

I found a couple patterns online, but they said they were only for personal use, so I figured I’d try to design my own so I could eventually sell products I make! 

You should have seen me.  I was actually taping paper to my head to try to figure out how to cut the fabric!  haha (I did it while my Husband had taken the kids to the playground… that way I didn’t have people laughing at how silly I looked!)

This is the result of my head taping…

Well, it didn’t quite work for an adult cap… BUT… once the kids were home I tried it on my middle son… (poor kid!!!  Pure torture since it’s PINK!!!!) hahaha

He actually thought it was pretty funny and he made a cute model!  It was actually a bit too tight, so this pattern would be cute on a smaller child 🙂

I finally finished a pair of what I call my "Fibonacci Ruffled Shorties" (made with Malabrigo wool) that I am going to sell.  I had actually finished them a week or so ago, but hadn’t done the drawstring!

My friend, Katherine, will be going in on Monday to be induced!  I can’t wait for little Luka to come into the world!!  His 3 older sisters must be SOOOO excited for the big day!!

I finally have finished his longies… all but a few more inches of his drawstring.  Then I have to make the matching hat and socks!

and a long time back I had bought a duvet cover for our down comforter at Salvation Army.  It was only $5 and I really liked the color BUT it was a king size and our comforter is a Queen.  So, for the last year or so it has kinda floated around inside and I’d pin it to the corners to help, but the sides were always floppy!!!

So… the other day I took my comforter out to hang it on the line and washed the cover and hung THAT out and I measured the width of each.  My comforter was 80 inches and the cover was 100.  SO… I measured 10 inches in on each side (with it inside out) and sewed down the sides and then trimmed them to 1/4" and did a zigzag alone the edge…

and VOILA!!!!  A Queen size duvet for our Queen size comforter!!  YIPPEE!!!  No more floppy sides!!

And one problem I’ve had with bedwetting is my middle son.  He wears a Pull-up at night (the nighttime ones) but he always either "overfills" or he doesn’t but his sheets stink!!!  It has driven me crazy to have to change his bedding everyday!!!!  If anyone has any other ideas… feel free to share!!

But in the meantime, I decided to make a little cover to put under him when he sleeps.  He’s only used it for a couple nights, so I’m not sure how it’s going to work out (might not cover enough of the bed), but this is what I did.  (OH…and the first night he used it, he had too much to drink and overfilled and soaked his bed so it DIDN’T work)


I cut material about 60" inches by 30" of one piece of nice looking flannel for him to lay on, 2 pieces of an old flannel blanket for the inside, and a piece of fleece for the underside.

I laid them on the floor in this order… filling pieces, then fleece and then flannel (right side down) so that when I sewed the edges and turned it inside out, the pink would be in the middle and the other fabrics out.

Here it is sewn and the edges trimmed…

Flipped right sides out…

and here it is on his bed…(next time I’d make it longer to go under the mattress better on either side and wider so it would cover more of his body for when he’s movin’ around!

And one last thing… I started a pair of purple shorts for my 7 year old daughter!  They are made with "soft and chunky" acrylic, and when I’m done they will have cost me about $4! (a little less actually!) and I can make the legs longer than most of the shorts you find in stores these days!  The last couple of pairs we bought at Walmart that were longer in the leg were $7 a piece!  She LOVES the knit shorts I made her last year, so she can’t wait for me to finish!!!

What have you all been up to for crafties??  Pop on over to Shereen’s Blog and post about your blog entry or go and check out what other’s have done!!

Have a great weekend!!




  1. I love the ruffled shorts! I sure wish I could knit… you do a beautiful job. I did see some knit play food patterns online. : )

    About the bedwetting problem… my daughter has a mattress protecter on her bed. It is material on top and bottom and the inside material is water proof…and keeps everything from getting wet. I'm not sure where I purchased it, but it keeps me from
    washing everything daily.

  2. Hi, Mom2fur here! Wow, you sure have been busy. Everything looks great! Tell your son not to feel so bad…'pink' was a really cool color for guys back in the 80s. Just tell him 'retro is in.' And I love how the cat has to sit on your work…my cats are just like that, too!

  3. Wow, you've been productive! I love the head wrap and the little ruffled pants. 🙂


  4. Your skull caps are really cool. I bet if you use some novelty fabrics, they would be great for St. Judes.
    I had a lot of trouble with my middle son and bedwetting also. A few things we tried were to stop all drinks for an hour before bed, then a bathroom run before we went to bed. We would kind of 'sleep-walk' him in there. To help with the sheet issue, we would use a plastic mattress protector, then one of those crib mats under the sheets. We also would use two sets of sheets at a time with the crib mat between layers, in case we had to do a night time bed change. Eventually he outgrew the problem, but I sympathize with you while you are going through this.

  5. Wow…you're a busy gal. I love the idea of the bed cover for your son. I'm thinking I could use something like it as a naptime mat for my daughter to use at preschool. Hmmm?

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