Posted by: purityseekers | June 24, 2008

Many Hands Make Light Work… AMEN!!!!

** I don’t know those people LOL just a pic I got off line!  Thought it was a good "many hands" photo!!

Just wanted to pop on quick to say how much I am LOVING this index card system for chores!!!  My kids LOVE it and are so pumped up all day waiting to put their next index card job over to there "done" envelope!  And they are really competitive about it!! LOL.  I’ll hear someone say, "I’ve done 9 and you’ve only done 5! haha I’m winning!!!!" and they are doing all sorts of stuff without being asked just so they can complete their work!  They aren’t getting ANY rewards, so to see the motivation is awesome!

I thought I’d show you a little list of all of the chores I used to do most of the time that I have handed over!!  I’ve been busy training them with certain chores, but they catch on quick and my life is getting less stressful!!  Praise God for all the extra little hands around my house!!!!!

**just another photo I found online!  The hands in my house are much smaller!!  I’ll have to take a pic of them soon!  That would be cute!!!

Here’s a quick list of the chores I have put in their envelopes for tomorrow… (not listed by child, just chores)…

*Clean under L.R. couches and chair and sweep

*Wash table after meals


*Dry & put away dishes after meals

*Wash windows

*Feed pets & change litter, hamster cage, etc.

*Help fold laundry

*Filter water and fill water jug in fridge

*organize shoes

*clean toilets




hahaha you must being saying, "Come on, woman!!  What do you do all day???" haha But really, I am super busy STILL!!!  And if anyone feels I am a slave driver, these tasks are split up between my older 4 kids (ages 4-11) and they aren’t ALL daily chores.  Some are done every other day or weekly or even monthly… and things like "wash the windows" are only in a certain room that day. 

Now I can spend more time with cooking, baking, the detail work and my Fly Zone missions and stuff like that.  I also do all the laundry (since it’s in our basement and just easier for me to do it) and I am non stop until quiet time doing something! 

But, until I have them all trained to be like well oiled machines, it will be work just having to help all the kids perfect their jobs!  It is amazing though.  My 4 year old LOVES to dry dishes and knows JUST where to put them and she is just on fire!!!!  My oldest daughter LOVES to do tasks like that too and begs to "wash windows" and "scrub the toilet".  She likes feeling useful and heck…I am NOT going to complain!!! 

It’s obvious though, to see the boys kinda just "get through it" how boys and girls are so different.  Although some of them like certain jobs, God obviously made the girls more equipped in their souls to do things around the house.  My boys would MUCH rather be building something!!!

So, just wanted to share a praise about how well things have gone this week so far!  And "Many Hands Make Light Work" was spoken of this week during our Prairie Primer reading and it is SOOOO true!!!

🙂 Bridget (who is glad her house isn’t like the photo below LOL)…


  1. Wonderful! I am so glad you all are enjoying it. I need to find the time to sit down and do that. You are doing a great job.

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