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Winter Knitting

Ahhh… a cup of coffee, my knitting bag close by, the snow lightly falling outside, a warm house… my Husband busy painting and 5 kids occupied playing quietly or getting their energy out on the Wii… and the baby asleep all snuggled up on the couch beside me. That is my idea of a perfect winter afternoon in Maine.

That will be me in a few minutes after blogging. I need to take advantage of my baby’s surprise early nap!! Lately she’s been staying up “almost” the whole day and then falling asleep when she SHOULD be eating dinner!
After a busy December of my contest and Christmas… I took a little blogging break, but I thought I’d pop on here and let you know what I’ve been up to!
Yesterday, my baby girl turned 22 months old and I quickly finished a pair of capris for her to wear for her monthly photo!
Here is my “2 month shy of 2 years old” baby girl…
oh wait… that’s not the picture I was going to add…
Seems a little girl wanted to surprise me AGAIN and wake up so that I couldn’t finish my blog post!
But… really. Would I rather blog… or nurse my sweet girl?? My middle son snapped both photos and I like this next one a lot. My baby girl always plays with my hair, so this is a keeper. The day will come when she doesn’t…. ok. I need to stop there before I cry.
It’s a relaxing day here at our home. My oldest son is on his Ipod and I am in my Husband shirt. It’s a good day!
OK… as I was saying…
Here is my “2 month shy of 2 years old” baby girl…


And these are the capris I knit. When I took her photo, they didn’t have an i-cord. I went to take a photo of them this morning and I looked down at my big bag of her woolies that don’t fit anymore, and the first thing I saw was a pink i-cord that I quickly stole from a “too small” pair of longies!! It’s the same color as the owl… so I’m happy to not have to knit another cord!
This shows the little owl closer. It’s not perfect but she says, “Ow-woo” so it must LOOK like an owl to her and that’s all I care about!

And last month was the first month she didn’t have her OBV blanket in the photo. I hunted everywhere and couldn’t find it. So this weekend I prayed that the Lord would help me find the blanket for her photo this month. The EVENING BEFORE her photo, we had company come over for dinner. I went to clean out a section of our Living Room for the babies to play and decided to move a big rolled up carpet we had leaning against the wall from way before Christmas. As I moved it, I saw something squished underneath it.

Thank you, Lord, for even the little things:
Here’s my sweet girl after her photo…all snuggled up asleep…


And this is the custom I’ve been working on for a sweet little girl’s birthday! Her Mama can’t wait to get them! They will have a cute kitty face on the back with a bow and a purple i-cord!
And then I have this in my room just waiting for me to create something with it. I’m thinking of knitting up a little something to give away for my next contest!! What do you all think??


Well, I guess I will end with a little knitting tip. (just kidding…this really isn’t a tip about knitting at all and it’s really rather ridiculous)
While I was photographing upstairs, I heard my daughter yelling to me, “Mama!! Mama!!!” I came down to find that she had found my big circular needle that I knit hip skirtys with and she was trying to let me know!
She then showed me that if I ever get tired of pushing the heater button with my finger, the needle works JUST as good. See? Not a knitting tip… just something really random that will never help any knitter in any way, shape or form.


Until next time… get those needles clicking and knit like a maniac!! It’s winter and it’s cold, so why not???
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Ravelry Friends

My 2 older daughters (ages 10 and 7) and I would love for you to add us to your Ravelry!! Click the image below to pop over to your Ravelry account and add us!

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Free Printable Knitting Graph Paper

Free printable knitting graph paper is really hard to find!! This one mimics a real knit stitch! After hunting for a good one to print off and having no luck with what I was looking for, I decided to create my own.

Click the photo below to go directly to my download post, or continue reading my mumbo jumbo about why and how I created the knitting graphs!

Mumbo Jumbo:

I remember the night I did it. I was up until midnight and by the time I was done, my eyes were all glossy and I was exhausted, but had I set out to do something wonderful… and I succeeded! (at least I think so)
Talk about happiness! I went into the living room (after ignoring my Husband that evening) and told him what I had done and forced him to come to the computer to see my creation!!!
Since I have a small online knitting business creating knit pants for children, I often have had to duplicate stitch cute designs onto my knitting. In order for my designs to actually be “actual size” for stitching, I really needed a good design sheet where I could color in little “knit stitches”. I didn’t want to color in rectangles or squares (like regular graph paper)… I wanted to color in little, tiny, cute,”to scale” KNIT STITCHES!! Come on, it only makes sense, people!!!
I used to take regular graph paper, color in the areas and make the cutest little animals, faces, etc. but then once I stitched them onto the knitting, they looked completely wonky!!!
SO… in my photo editor, I literally cut out a knit stitch from a photo of my knitting. (I am going to TRY to remember exactly how I did it, but I really WAS tired, and I am amazed at how I actually figured out a little math that late at night!) I then had to figure out about how many stitches per inch I got when I knit with my favorite wool, Cestari Fine Merino. Then I made the little stitch to scale and used the “copy” and “paste” method to create a bazillion trillion of them onto a page the size of a piece of regular printable paper.
Then I realized I didn’t have any guidelines. So I added some. Then I realized that I added them every 5 stitches, but on the right side that left only 4. Then I realized there was no way on God’s green earth that I was going to try to figure out how to remedy that… so that is how they stayed.
THEN I realized that I also tend to duplicate stitch “half” stitches, to make more unique patterns. SO I had to “cut” each stitch in half in order to be able to color each little section differently!! I made the half stitches on the graph paper without guidelines, so that is what you end up downloading, and as soon as I have some spare time, I’ll add guides and make that a downloaded paper too!
Once I was done, I was thrilled to find out that if I opened the document in my favorite FREE photo editor, Gimp, that I could color to my hearts delight!!!!
Here is an example of a pattern I designed for the back of my daughter’s longies. It was the first one I designed using my own paper!
And here is the design stitched onto her longies…with some added roots, leaves and a bird at the top 😉

Now you can design your OWN creations!!! ENJOY!!! And if you use my design, please share a link on your blog, facebook, Ravelry project, etc!
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Free Printable Knitting Graph Paper Downloads

I am offering these pages for FREE but if you would like to make a “thank you” donation to my paypal…click the heart below! Enjoy!!!

Enjoy my FREE PRINTABLE KNITTING GRAPH PAPER ~ which mimic an actual knit stitch ~clickable images that you can download, create designs, and then print! If you are smart, (which of COURSE you are, because you are a knitter!!!!) you may want to DOWNLOAD GIMP FOR FREE (unless you find the graph paper opens just lovely in your own photo editor!) Below I will give a little quick tutorial on how to use it in Gimp just because that’s all I use!


Just download the files to your computer (I uploaded the pdf’s to Google Docs, so I feel that is a very safe place!!) and then open them in Gimp. I then make sure it is viewed at 100%. You can look down to the bottom and you’ll see what percentage it is opened at and make sure to choose “100%” or you can just click “View” from the top menu and “Zoom” and then choose 1:1 100%. I then make sure the toolbox is open (choose “Tools” from top menu and then “toolbox”) and choose the can of paint. You can also choose the colors from the color choices. Then just click on the little knit stitch of your choice and create your patterns!! If you make a mistake… choose “white” and color over your boo-boo!!! Easy as pie! (which I don’t really find as easy as cake, so I’m not sure why I just said that!)



HALF STITCHES (no guides)

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Free Mini Sleeping Bag Knitting Pattern

Great for Littlest Pet Shop! (which is why I designed this in the first place!)

This is the LARGE size: (with a little bit of salsa for the LPS to snack on! OOPS!!!)


And this is the SMALL size:


And this shows how the can look if you knit the lengths of the bag or the pillows different…
Materials Needed:
Set of size 6 DPN’s

Tiny amount of worsted weight yarn (I prefer cotton)
Tapestry needle
Stuffing (I used roving)
OPTIONAL: scrap of contrasting colored yarn for duplicate stitched design
Sizing for LPS animals = small (large)

CO 8 (12) ~ you can cast on more, depending on the size of the toy that will be sleeping in this bag, but since this is a design mainly for Littlest Pet Shop creatures, I wrote it for the small and large sizes!
Sleeping Bag Section: (you’ll be knitting this inside out and flipping it right side out at the end!)
KFB of all stitches. 16 (24)
It should look like this (photo of 16 stitches):
Double knit as follows:

*K1, slip 1* across.
Continue until piece measures approximately 1.5″ (or length desired ~ most Littlest Pet Shop’s have a big head but a short body section but if you are knitting for a tiny doll, just knit it a bit longer than the body!), ending on the side that the cast on tail is dangling from at the bottom.
At this point I pull the needle out (DON’T PANIC! If you do it gently, the stitches just stay where they are!)
Gently pull apart the front section from the back section, and starting at the working yarn side, put 8 (12) stitches on one DPN for the front and then 8 (12) stitches on another DPN for the back.
Here’s a photo of the first 8 stitches on one needle and the others ready to be picked up:
Nicely separated:
With a 3rd DPN, and the needle closest to you being the one with the working yarn over on the right hand side, start knitting along the back needle and knit all 8 (12) stitches.
Now you are going to bind off the stitches on the next needle.
Bind off loosely in this manner:
*Knit through the BACKS of the 1st two stitches on the needle, slip stitch from right needle back to left and continue from * until there is one stitch left on the needle.
Slip that 1 stitch to the start of the next needle, making it the 1st stitch and knit in the BACK of two stitches and then slip the stitch from the right needle back to the left.
You should now have 8 (12) stitches again on your needle.

The Pillow Section:
Knit across back needle. At this point, since I am a little OCD, I have to make sure that the sleeping bag is “just right”. You’ll notice that one side connects to the pillow section nicely, but the other side falls away a bit. This is how I attempt to remedy that…
Knit into the first stitch AND a stitch from the start of the row that is bound off at the back. If you knit them at the same time, this helps to cinch in the sides a bit. If this doesn’t make sense, which is understandable since sometimes I just don’t male sense haha, just ignore this and you can always stitch the side a bit later or just not worry about it!
Continue knitting across that needle.
KFB of all 8 (12) stitches.
Double Knit as you did when you started the Sleeping Bag Section! (*K1, slip 1* across)
When this section is also approx. 1.25″ to 1.5″ (when I finish, my whole piece measures about 3.25″), separate as you did for the sleeping bag section and place on 2 DPN’s.
Now you need to lightly stuff the pillow!
Once stuffed, either do a Three Needle Bind Off (directions below) or Kitchener Stitch as you would for the toes of socks!
Here’s a pic of some Mini Sleeping Bags I’ve knit and at the bottom you’ll see what the 2 different bind off’s look like! (and how a little duplicate stitching can make them extra cute!)
Three Needle Bind Off:
With a 3rd DPN, knit into the 1st stitch on both needles at the same time and knit them off the needles!
Repeat with the 2nd stitches on each needle, knitting them at the same time. Now you will have 2 stitches on your right needle.
Slip them back to the back left needle and knit through the BACK of both stitches at the same time.
Continue knitting into the 1st stitch on both needles and then slipping the 2 stitches from the right needle, to the back left, and then knit through the BACK of both stitches at the same time.
You will do this until you have just one stitch remaining.
Finish by cutting the yarn and drawing up the last knit stitch so it’s tied off.
I then thread it into a tapestry needle and poke it into the pillow, close to where the yarn is attached, and go through about an inch or so and poke it back out of the pillow. Now you can cut the yarn close to the pillow and it will slip right inside and be hidden.
Then just weave in the cast on tail and flip the sleeping bag section right side out!
Fill it with a Littlest Pet Shop animal or any other little toy!
Leave it as is, or duplicate stitch (as in the photo a few pix up!) a little design to the sleeping bag section! I do this to make them cute, but to also help my girls remember who’s is who’s!
Have fun!!!!
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Little Pet Shop Knit Sleeping Bags

I am a lover of mini things! It is so much fun knitting regular patterns into something miniature!

I started my love of mini knits after knitting small versions of my Budgie Bloomer pattern! If you are a part of Ravelry, you can view my projects HERE and hunt around for the mini’s I’ve made… but I show them in another post called “Bitty Britches Mini Knits” 🙂
Well, my girls LOVE “Littlest Pet Shop” and so last night I decided to make her a little sleeping bag for her animals. After knitting 25 sacks for our Knit Advent Calendar , I was well prepared to knit a little sleep sack inspired by one of my favorite kid toy knitting patterns, the “No-Sew Beanie Baby Sleeping Bag with Attached Pillow“…
After showing my daughter this morning, I ended up knitting a smaller version because the 1st one fit 2 Littlest Pet Shop animals in it! I gave that one to my middle daughter (7) and made another smaller one for my older daughter.
Sleeping Bag #1… (my daughter got some salsa on it and it looks like the little LPS is having a taste!)
Sleeping Bag #2…


And the 3rd one is on the right…


Then I had enough of the sleeping bags and decided to knit a separate pillow and blankie. My daughter has made some sleeping bag requests for her other animals which I will try to do over time, but I get bored and need to spice up my knitting a bit. Here’s her list…
“ONLY” 6 Big…and 5 small… UGH. haha (but as a homeschooling Mama, I was glad to see she knew how to tally!!!)


And here is the little bats pillow and blankie! I just double knit the pillow and stuffed it with roving and then just messed around with the blankie and added a cable up the middle. It isn’t blocked and looks FAR from perfect, but she loves it and that makes me happy!!!
Keep on the lookout for more mini knits!!! I think I’m on a roll!!!!
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Wool Winner!

I have to say just how hard it was to only be able to choose ONE winner!!! There were so many faithful entrants that I wish I could pick ALL of you!!!!

I compiled a list of everyone that had won my pattern and typed it all out… (and some little typer kid added a few letters at the end! I’m thinkin’ it was my littlest “Squeaker”)

There were several people that got lots of chances to win!!

Then I cut them all out, folded ’em up, and put them in my baby girl’s “Über Funky Hat“…


Then I had my Husband pick the winner!

Congratulations!!! I’ll be emailing you a link to the Cestari Color Chart, so you can choose your THREE colors!!
Yay for ERICA!!! Keep a lookout for my next contest!!! Happy New Year!!!!


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Twitter Knitter…

It’s hard to see in the little Twitter yarn ball under my blog header, but that little Twitter bird is a Twitter Knitter I found online today!!! I turned her into a png image and then pasted her onto a photo I took of a skein of my yarn today! I love doing fun graphic stuff like that, and am glad I came across this cute little tweet! If you click her, you’ll be able to view the site where I found her!

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Hip Skirty Textured Longies w/ Matching Ear Flap Hat

I call these…

My daughter’s new…

Über Funky Longies w/ matching Über Funky Hat… (I’ll be posting photos of her in it on the 16th when I take her 21 month photos!) (and I love that word “über”. I’m sure I won’t love it forever, but for now I love it)


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Free Advent Calendar Knitting Pattern ~ Done Except Numbers

Phew! I finally finished all 25 sacks! Aren’t they CUTE???


I have it hanging in our LR 🙂 I put them in order so that I can easily take some off from the right side when I want to number the next in line! SO… no particular order THIS year, but next year they will be all numbered! Every morning, the kids find the sack that has candy in it (I fill it each night) or count because I always put it in the sack that is in the right number place 🙂
If you want to make this fun Free Advent Knitting Pattern, it is here on my blog and will soon be a Free Ravelry Download!

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