Posted by: purityseekers | August 11, 2015

Jenn’s Famous Freezer Compost Bucket

 A compost bucket to store in the freezer. Pure awesomeness! No stink, no fruit flies, no mess.

 photo  of bucket 

I asked my friend, Jenn, if she had a compost pile. She said she did and THEN told me her fabulously famous idea.

She also said it was Pinterest worthy, but she knew she’d never do it. SOOOOO, she told me I could!!

The concept is this: instead of keeping a container somewhere in your kitchen, to toss food scraps for composting, you keep a bucket in your freezer. Once it’s almost full, add water and let it freeze. After a few hours….Voilà! A big, fat, lovely, somewhat-disgusting compost ice cube!!!

But, Jenn’s WAY too creative to be able to just stick a plastic tub in her ice box and call it a freezer compost bucket. I’m falling asleep just typing it.

Sooooo, here’s what she did…or what I did…after she told me what she did. Are you following me? Good.

What you’ll need:

Plastic bucket 

Printer (or design your own image)

Tape (I used painter’s tape)



Start by having a birthday party & purchasing a big bucket of ice cream. (Thanks for doing that, Jenn, and for giving it to ME!)

Or skip the party, buy the ice cream, eat it all, feel horrible about yourself, decide to go on a diet, buy lotsa fruits & veggies, save the peels, the cores…I think you can see where this is all going.

Or buy any plastic tub, that will fit in your freezer.

Or use one you have kickin’ around.

Wash & dry the bucket. (Again, thanks Jenn!)

Are you getting the feeling that I’ve done nothing? Well, hold onto your carrot tops, ’cause I rocked this project!


Go to your computer and find some cute graphics to print off, that will fit on the side of your bucket. Or, create your own.
I chose this: (Just for the word “Compost”)


And this…(Just for the cute, chewed up apple)


Now, trim it down and tape to the INSIDE of your container, like so…


And this is the view from the outside:


Now, take your Sharpies and start coloring like its 1974!!!!!!!

That was the year I was in Kindergarten. So, what I’m saying is, please stay in the lines and keep things going in one direction. Thank you.


Wouldja look at that. 


I know that Mrs. Staples would be proud. 

Seriously. I had a teacher with the last name STAPLES. Was she my Kindergarten teacher? Oh, man, I don’t remember. I’m old. (Remember…1974?)  I think she was actually my 1st grade teacher.

But it’s as cool, or as hot, as Dr. Thermometer; if he exists.

Alright, back to business.

In my freezer, all ready for scraps. Gosh, isn’t it the cutest little freezer compost bucket ever Sharpied?


Here it is filled…


After adding water & freezing with the lid lightly on…


Running hot tap water over it. 

It only took a few seconds for it to be able to pop right out like a homemade popsicle on steroids!


Here’s the bucket. I didn’t even rinse it. I just plopped it back into the freezer. When I used to dump my compost pail, before this perfect creation, it was a fruit fly magnet, sticky, smelly and nasty to wash out!


And here it is, in my compost pile. 

Farewell, my little biodegradable frozen friend. 


If you end up making one, I’d love to see pix!! 

Happy freezer composting!


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