Posted by: purityseekers | June 5, 2012

18" Doll Clothing & Toy Food CONTEST!!!

Time to give something away to someone… actually a few somethings! I love giving and it’s been a while since my last contest!  The Rafflecopter contest is below but keep reading to see what you could win!  This contest will last a week and starts tomorrow, June 6, 2012!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I am in the swing of getting my “Squeakin’ Cheeks” shop hoppin’ again, and wanted to start things off with a giveaway!  Why am I not holding this over at my shop’s blog?  That’s a good question!  Well, it’s because I am trying to kill 2 birds with one stone, so to speak.  I am working hard to make this blog active along with my shop and decided to just squish them together!

SO…on with the CONTEST!  Once you have looked at what I’m giving away, scroll down to the Rafflecopter section and ENTER!!

#1… You will receive a tester of my little toy food design (soon to be sold with other toy foods on my “Squeakin’ Cheeks” shop)… a tortilla wrap, a leaf of lettuce, a leaf of spinach, half a slice of tomato, a pickle, and 2 half slices of deli cheese!  All are made with random fabrics, mostly 100% cotton and the tomato has a wee bit of batting inside!  **Remember… keep any small toys like this out of reach of children who still love to suck on or pop things into their mouths!!**


#2.  The winner will also receive this American Girl style doll outfit.  It fits 18″ American Girl and comparable sized dolls.  This outfit includes a 100% cotton shirred top with buttonhole back for strap, 100% handknit merino wool pants (remember, I am “The Knitting Maniac”!!!) w/ tiny duplicate stitched design, and handmade foam sandals!


This photo shows the back of the cute shirt!




  1. I love the look of your shop. The buttons are amazing. The knit items as always are adorable.

  2. Love the Doll Clothes and food!! 🙂 My Daughter is an American Girl doll Kid! She Loves the Books as well! ❤

  3. Just love everything you do. So clever and cute!!

  4. I was hoping to comment on your Hyena cart but the link is not working?Melony

  5. I love your shop. I think the items in it would look better against a different coloured background. The grey is depressing to me. But that could just me me 😛

  6. Awesome shop! So talented! I have all the ideas and not the motivation, fear of failure. ADD mind doesnt stop and restart well. It needs to with a 9 month old. Can't just stop! chittumsh @ aol

  7. Yes… the grey WAS depressing haha. I changed it to a textured background that matches the other parts of my blog. Not sure if I LOVE it, but anything is better than grey!! haha Thanks for you input, Rebekah!

  8. Shannon… I am the same way!! My mind is always going and the ideas are too much for me to handle sometimes!! I'm not Wonder Woman!!! haha And I have failed…MANY times, but just keep doing what I love!! I would encourage you to not let the fear of failure stop you from trying!!! Thanks for all of your kind words!!!

  9. Thanks for telling me!! I went and checked and for some reason, there ended up to be two "http" sections at the beginning of the link! All fixed!!!

  10. such beautiful stuff! my daughter's dolls don't have extra clothes so we'd love this!

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