Posted by: purityseekers | April 24, 2012

Big Cardboard Box.

I have found as a homeschooling Mama, that it’s the simplest of things (usually FREE) that keeps my kids occupied for the longest time!

A few days back, my kids were visiting a neighbor. She called and told me they wanted to bring home a refridgerator box and wanted to know if it was ok. Was it ok??? OF COURSE! Heck, I used to go to store after store begging for big oversized boxes! Due to some of the new recycling rules of stores, they usually quickly prepare them for recycling and they don’t give them away!! SO, YES. YES. YES!!!!!


Every now and then my youngest would get a little scared by it’s hugeness…


And every now and then she thought it was super fun…


Until they stood it up… then she was freaked again! haha Run away!!!!


I had so much fun just watching THEM have so much fun!!!
I was glad my baby girl was in front and not behind or she would have been flattened into a little woolie pancake!!!
I was watching my youngest son love on his baby sister and it’s really just so darn sweet to not want to hang this photo on the wall and look at it every time I see him tease her like a crazy, wild child!!


This one too. They may drive each other crazy, but who’s there for you when your Crocs fall off? Yup, that’s right!! Your littlest Big Brother!


You can tell she was very thankful…awwww.


I love this little squeaker!


After a while, she got tired of the box hype and came over to sit with her biggest Big Brother! She’s his #1 fan!


My oldest and youngest. I am surely blessed!


This is off topic (although this whole post is off topic because it has NOTHING to do with knitting whatsoever!!), but here are some sweet daffodils from the big-cardboard-box-donating neighbor! She and her daughter are so sweet!


And I’m ending with this photo. After I was done taking pix of the kids, I looked over at our brick wall and saw the lone name, “Jesus”. My 11 year old daughter had written it in chalk and it was too beautiful to ignore! My oldest son had grabbed my camera and took this of me using my phone’s camera to capture it and send it to Instagram! (my new addiction!!!) If you get the Instagram App on your phone, look me up and “follow” me! I’m, of course, TheKnittingManiac!
Goodbye for now! Get those needles clicking!!!

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