Posted by: purityseekers | January 17, 2012

Winter Knitting

Ahhh… a cup of coffee, my knitting bag close by, the snow lightly falling outside, a warm house… my Husband busy painting and 5 kids occupied playing quietly or getting their energy out on the Wii… and the baby asleep all snuggled up on the couch beside me. That is my idea of a perfect winter afternoon in Maine.

That will be me in a few minutes after blogging. I need to take advantage of my baby’s surprise early nap!! Lately she’s been staying up “almost” the whole day and then falling asleep when she SHOULD be eating dinner!
After a busy December of my contest and Christmas… I took a little blogging break, but I thought I’d pop on here and let you know what I’ve been up to!
Yesterday, my baby girl turned 22 months old and I quickly finished a pair of capris for her to wear for her monthly photo!
Here is my “2 month shy of 2 years old” baby girl…
oh wait… that’s not the picture I was going to add…
Seems a little girl wanted to surprise me AGAIN and wake up so that I couldn’t finish my blog post!
But… really. Would I rather blog… or nurse my sweet girl?? My middle son snapped both photos and I like this next one a lot. My baby girl always plays with my hair, so this is a keeper. The day will come when she doesn’t…. ok. I need to stop there before I cry.
It’s a relaxing day here at our home. My oldest son is on his Ipod and I am in my Husband shirt. It’s a good day!
OK… as I was saying…
Here is my “2 month shy of 2 years old” baby girl…


And these are the capris I knit. When I took her photo, they didn’t have an i-cord. I went to take a photo of them this morning and I looked down at my big bag of her woolies that don’t fit anymore, and the first thing I saw was a pink i-cord that I quickly stole from a “too small” pair of longies!! It’s the same color as the owl… so I’m happy to not have to knit another cord!
This shows the little owl closer. It’s not perfect but she says, “Ow-woo” so it must LOOK like an owl to her and that’s all I care about!

And last month was the first month she didn’t have her OBV blanket in the photo. I hunted everywhere and couldn’t find it. So this weekend I prayed that the Lord would help me find the blanket for her photo this month. The EVENING BEFORE her photo, we had company come over for dinner. I went to clean out a section of our Living Room for the babies to play and decided to move a big rolled up carpet we had leaning against the wall from way before Christmas. As I moved it, I saw something squished underneath it.

Thank you, Lord, for even the little things:
Here’s my sweet girl after her photo…all snuggled up asleep…


And this is the custom I’ve been working on for a sweet little girl’s birthday! Her Mama can’t wait to get them! They will have a cute kitty face on the back with a bow and a purple i-cord!
And then I have this in my room just waiting for me to create something with it. I’m thinking of knitting up a little something to give away for my next contest!! What do you all think??


Well, I guess I will end with a little knitting tip. (just kidding…this really isn’t a tip about knitting at all and it’s really rather ridiculous)
While I was photographing upstairs, I heard my daughter yelling to me, “Mama!! Mama!!!” I came down to find that she had found my big circular needle that I knit hip skirtys with and she was trying to let me know!
She then showed me that if I ever get tired of pushing the heater button with my finger, the needle works JUST as good. See? Not a knitting tip… just something really random that will never help any knitter in any way, shape or form.


Until next time… get those needles clicking and knit like a maniac!! It’s winter and it’s cold, so why not???


  1. I love your posts, Bridget! Would love to get together sometime soon and knit 🙂

  2. God is so faithful even in the little things! How many more blessings we probably receive and havent a clue about. Cute pics too!

  3. Love all the pictures. Good I am glad Isaiah isn't the only 22one month old who doesn't want a nap during the day. So cute….now I know what to do with my circulars. Ha ha ha ha

  4. Love the nursing photos. My youngest just weaned herself around Christmas at 15 months old. Incredibly bitter-sweet. ❤

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