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Free Mini Sleeping Bag Knitting Pattern

Great for Littlest Pet Shop! (which is why I designed this in the first place!)

This is the LARGE size: (with a little bit of salsa for the LPS to snack on! OOPS!!!)


And this is the SMALL size:


And this shows how the can look if you knit the lengths of the bag or the pillows different…
Materials Needed:
Set of size 6 DPN’s

Tiny amount of worsted weight yarn (I prefer cotton)
Tapestry needle
Stuffing (I used roving)
OPTIONAL: scrap of contrasting colored yarn for duplicate stitched design
Sizing for LPS animals = small (large)

CO 8 (12) ~ you can cast on more, depending on the size of the toy that will be sleeping in this bag, but since this is a design mainly for Littlest Pet Shop creatures, I wrote it for the small and large sizes!
Sleeping Bag Section: (you’ll be knitting this inside out and flipping it right side out at the end!)
KFB of all stitches. 16 (24)
It should look like this (photo of 16 stitches):
Double knit as follows:

*K1, slip 1* across.
Continue until piece measures approximately 1.5″ (or length desired ~ most Littlest Pet Shop’s have a big head but a short body section but if you are knitting for a tiny doll, just knit it a bit longer than the body!), ending on the side that the cast on tail is dangling from at the bottom.
At this point I pull the needle out (DON’T PANIC! If you do it gently, the stitches just stay where they are!)
Gently pull apart the front section from the back section, and starting at the working yarn side, put 8 (12) stitches on one DPN for the front and then 8 (12) stitches on another DPN for the back.
Here’s a photo of the first 8 stitches on one needle and the others ready to be picked up:
Nicely separated:
With a 3rd DPN, and the needle closest to you being the one with the working yarn over on the right hand side, start knitting along the back needle and knit all 8 (12) stitches.
Now you are going to bind off the stitches on the next needle.
Bind off loosely in this manner:
*Knit through the BACKS of the 1st two stitches on the needle, slip stitch from right needle back to left and continue from * until there is one stitch left on the needle.
Slip that 1 stitch to the start of the next needle, making it the 1st stitch and knit in the BACK of two stitches and then slip the stitch from the right needle back to the left.
You should now have 8 (12) stitches again on your needle.

The Pillow Section:
Knit across back needle. At this point, since I am a little OCD, I have to make sure that the sleeping bag is “just right”. You’ll notice that one side connects to the pillow section nicely, but the other side falls away a bit. This is how I attempt to remedy that…
Knit into the first stitch AND a stitch from the start of the row that is bound off at the back. If you knit them at the same time, this helps to cinch in the sides a bit. If this doesn’t make sense, which is understandable since sometimes I just don’t male sense haha, just ignore this and you can always stitch the side a bit later or just not worry about it!
Continue knitting across that needle.
KFB of all 8 (12) stitches.
Double Knit as you did when you started the Sleeping Bag Section! (*K1, slip 1* across)
When this section is also approx. 1.25″ to 1.5″ (when I finish, my whole piece measures about 3.25″), separate as you did for the sleeping bag section and place on 2 DPN’s.
Now you need to lightly stuff the pillow!
Once stuffed, either do a Three Needle Bind Off (directions below) or Kitchener Stitch as you would for the toes of socks!
Here’s a pic of some Mini Sleeping Bags I’ve knit and at the bottom you’ll see what the 2 different bind off’s look like! (and how a little duplicate stitching can make them extra cute!)
Three Needle Bind Off:
With a 3rd DPN, knit into the 1st stitch on both needles at the same time and knit them off the needles!
Repeat with the 2nd stitches on each needle, knitting them at the same time. Now you will have 2 stitches on your right needle.
Slip them back to the back left needle and knit through the BACK of both stitches at the same time.
Continue knitting into the 1st stitch on both needles and then slipping the 2 stitches from the right needle, to the back left, and then knit through the BACK of both stitches at the same time.
You will do this until you have just one stitch remaining.
Finish by cutting the yarn and drawing up the last knit stitch so it’s tied off.
I then thread it into a tapestry needle and poke it into the pillow, close to where the yarn is attached, and go through about an inch or so and poke it back out of the pillow. Now you can cut the yarn close to the pillow and it will slip right inside and be hidden.
Then just weave in the cast on tail and flip the sleeping bag section right side out!
Fill it with a Littlest Pet Shop animal or any other little toy!
Leave it as is, or duplicate stitch (as in the photo a few pix up!) a little design to the sleeping bag section! I do this to make them cute, but to also help my girls remember who’s is who’s!
Have fun!!!!


  1. These are cute, and I think they would be the right size for Fisher Price Little People too. I will have to whip one up and check.

  2. How adorable! This is Holly from applesofgold. Do you still have a homeschool blog? Miss your hs posts. I stopped posting much at HSB-much easier here at blogspot. 🙂 Holly

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