Posted by: purityseekers | December 29, 2011

Little Pet Shop Knit Sleeping Bags

I am a lover of mini things! It is so much fun knitting regular patterns into something miniature!

I started my love of mini knits after knitting small versions of my Budgie Bloomer pattern! If you are a part of Ravelry, you can view my projects HERE and hunt around for the mini’s I’ve made… but I show them in another post called “Bitty Britches Mini Knits” 🙂
Well, my girls LOVE “Littlest Pet Shop” and so last night I decided to make her a little sleeping bag for her animals. After knitting 25 sacks for our Knit Advent Calendar , I was well prepared to knit a little sleep sack inspired by one of my favorite kid toy knitting patterns, the “No-Sew Beanie Baby Sleeping Bag with Attached Pillow“…
After showing my daughter this morning, I ended up knitting a smaller version because the 1st one fit 2 Littlest Pet Shop animals in it! I gave that one to my middle daughter (7) and made another smaller one for my older daughter.
Sleeping Bag #1… (my daughter got some salsa on it and it looks like the little LPS is having a taste!)
Sleeping Bag #2…


And the 3rd one is on the right…


Then I had enough of the sleeping bags and decided to knit a separate pillow and blankie. My daughter has made some sleeping bag requests for her other animals which I will try to do over time, but I get bored and need to spice up my knitting a bit. Here’s her list…
“ONLY” 6 Big…and 5 small… UGH. haha (but as a homeschooling Mama, I was glad to see she knew how to tally!!!)


And here is the little bats pillow and blankie! I just double knit the pillow and stuffed it with roving and then just messed around with the blankie and added a cable up the middle. It isn’t blocked and looks FAR from perfect, but she loves it and that makes me happy!!!
Keep on the lookout for more mini knits!!! I think I’m on a roll!!!!

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