Posted by: purityseekers | December 10, 2011

Longies, Knit Advent Calendar, & Childhood Stocking

My little fingers have been knitting like crazy! I am almost done my youngest daughter’s textured scrappie longies! I need them to be done by the 16th when I take her 21 month photo! I just have to knit the hip skirty and the i-cord and they will be finished!


I am still working on my knit Advent Calendar! #20 is on my needles, but here are numbers 1-19! Over on the right hand side, you can see how I’ve started knitting 2 colored stripes since I ran out of unique solid colors!


And as I was hunting for my kids Christmas stockings, I came across the sock my Grandmother knit for me when I was small! (and for my 3 siblings and my 2 cousins!) She loved to knit as much as me! If you had known her, you’d see where I get my passion for knitting from! Every Christmas we all got handknit socks and mittens and they were one of my favorite gifts from her!
My Christmas stocking has the name, “Kewpie”, on it because my name was one letter too long for the front! haha I collected Kewpie dolls and that was my CB handle and it fit perfectly! Who remembers the days when CB radios were popular? “Breaka 1-9, how ’bout cha Kewpie” … those were fun days!


So, my big “hold a ton of stuff” stocking was inspiration for creating my own pattern! (which I am going to add to “Ravelry” one of these days! I started to write up the PDF file, but it’s not completely finished because I decided to modify it so you can make other sizes instead of just the super huge size!!!
My Mom helped me knit these up before Christmas 2009! I knit the tops, she knit the legs, then I knit the heels and feet! The names were duplicate stitched on when I was finished! I also made a little tiny sock for my daughter’s favorite little firefly, “Sparky”. This year I have a few more little ones to make for my other children’s favorite toy animals! Am I crazy, or what?
And my sweet Suri was not born when we made all of the other stockings, so I took a scrappie sock I was going to sell, and gave it to her!! I still haven’t added her name on, but will before I hang it this year!


Do you still have your childhood stocking? Do your children have stockings?
Happy Knitting! PhotobucketBridget


  1. My parents still have mine and my sisters' stockings- Just the classic red felt with faux fur top and our names on them in silver glitter glue. :-)I love all your knitted stockings. My goal is to do a felted stocking for each of my kids (all 3 😛 ) and have them done by Christmas Eve. We'll see if I get that done~! LOL

  2. Those stockings are so awesome! The stripey one is my face.

  3. The longies are gorgeous! As are the stockings!!

  4. Thanks for the nice comments!!! I personally like the stripey one the best too, but the kids really had fun, back then, picking out their 2 favorite colors for theirs! Her's kinda sticks out like a sore thumb beside all of ours haha but of all of us, she is the wool spoiled one, so it fits her! haha Meg… you can do it!!! I'd love to see a photo of all the stockings when you DO get them done by Christmas Eve!!! Oooh I love Christmas!!!!

  5. I still have my childhood stocking – it was made by my mother in felt. It was a big wrinkled this year, probably because I used it to protect breakables in the box.I love your name stockings! Is there a pattern somewhere for them?

  6. Carmen, I'll be posting a pattern on Ravelry once I get it written up!! I was going to post it for all different sizes but had to knit them up first to test them, but I've decided just to post the one for the biggie sized sock and then modify the pattern later when I have the time!!! If you are on my facebook, I'll be posting once I have it on Ravelry! I'll also be adding it to my blog! :)I love heirlooms and have also used my old stocking as protection for breakables!! haha

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