Posted by: purityseekers | September 6, 2011

Random Ravelry Review ~ Owls Two Ways

Is this cute, or what? My 17 month old daughter saw it and said, “Tee Tat!!” ~ She calls anything a Kitty Cat that looks even similar to a Kitty Cat.

So… I’ve named my owlie, “Kitty”… (I say mine, but it won’t be mine for long!)


He was created from the Owls Two Ways pattern on Ravelry! He’s really little and was so fast to knit up! I can’t wait to knit more! I might even try to do the crochet version, although I’m not very good at it (or I’d probably be called The CROCHET Maniac!!!) Thank the good Lord for online tutorials, because the only thing I can remember is a single and double crochet!!
I decided against the felt eyes and looked online for instructions for a crochet circle. Then I just sewed on buttons and duplicate stitched the beak! I did put poly pellets inside, but not in a bag. I just stuffed it a little, threw in some pellets, and stuffed it some more! I figure it will be best as a little decoration, not a toy! If I was to make one of these for my kids, I’d probably leave out the pellets and just have him a stuffed animal!
This will be part of a giveaway, but since I’m not quite sure what else I’m giving away with it, I’ll post about that later!
Stay tuned!

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