Posted by: purityseekers | September 5, 2011

Hanging Out at the Park.

One of the benefits of homeschooling is that you can stay up late and not worry about it!

One of my favorite things to do is take an evening walk. My kids would rather ride their bikes…


My oldest son wasn’t with us and the baby was walking with Daddy in the stroller.  I took a photo of them with my cell phone, but not with my camera!

These are bittersweet moments for a Mama.  To see my children old enough to ride bikes without training wheels, let alone ride off without me!

When we walk to the playground, we always pass my parents home, where I grew up!  My Mother always has a cute wreath on their front door…


From the playground, you can see how close my parents home is!  There are many memories in my little brain about this park!


Of course my kids LOVE to swing!  I have a photo of all of my kids in a baby swing here!  My baby girl loves to “Weeeee!!!!”


My older kids love to swing too.  I myself would throw up.  So I just push, do “under ducks” and take lots of PHOTOS!…


Upside down view:

Hey! He’s wearing my flip-flops!


My youngest son (who turns 6 tomorrow!) is a sports natural!  He throws like a pro!  It may be underhand until he’s older, but he gets more in than any of us!

Love this mid-air shot!


And yup… in the hoop!


My middle daughter said, “I’ll smile like I did when I was a baby” haha…


And she is silly, just like her Mama…


My “Z”… she loves to climb!


Awww.  My baby girl went down the slide and I got this cute photo of her looking up to find her chi-chi brother…


OK…just one more pic.  “E” was SO proud of himself for making “skids” on the basketball court!  I love catching cute expressions like this:


Thank you for letting me share some family memories.  I love blogging, because I can come back years later… and cry.  (good tears… all good!)

I’ll be back!

~ Bridget


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