Posted by: purityseekers | September 3, 2011

Random Ravelry Review

As a homeschooling Mama, I know how important the three “R”s are. I also know how important these three “R”s are…

Well, I decided to do a little three “R”s section of my knitting blog for fun!

SO… I will be posting my “Random Ravelry Reviews” as often as I can get a new pattern whipped up!

One of my main purposes of this blog is to encourage knitting; a forgotten art. I figure that doing reviews of different patterns are a great way to inspire others to get their needles clicking!

I’ll pop on over to one of my absolute favorite places on the world wide web…

(make sure to become a FREE MEMBER and add me as a friend… I’m “purityseekers”!)
I will search a random word (whatever happens to pop into my head) in the extensive patterns area. I’ll see what pattern catches my eye (and that I actually think I have time to knit!) and I will do a review on it!

Here and there I will be offering the random fiber creation as a giveaway! If I do, I will post a notice on my facebook page too! Make sure to “like” The Knitting Maniac to see future posts!


In honor of my new addiction, iced coffee. (thanks to the Pioneer Woman’s Perfect Iced Coffee recipe!!!)


I will be knitting up this Iced Java Jacket from the blog “Stumbling Over Chaos“!

The only difference I am going to make is I’ll be using worsted weight wool and I’ll be sizing it up to my favorite mason jar! (yes… I think every glass of iced tea NEEDS to be sipped out of a good old canning jar!!)

Stay tuned!!


  1. Oh yummy, My neighbor actually works with the VIETNAMESE community and taught us how to make the coffee suda (Vietnamese Iced Coffee) oh so yummy…gained tons of weight. LOL Maybe not all do to iced coffee.:)

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