Posted by: purityseekers | August 27, 2011


That’s what they call me (well, they actually call me “Auntie” most of the time, but my Niece (their Mama) dubbed my Husband and I “Gruncle” and “Grauntie”)

These little ones have an awesome Mama.  She is 24 and just had her 4th baby!  They are blessed to have a Mother who stays home with them and is also their teacher!

Her oldest son loves his new baby brother!


I didn’t manage to get a picture of her daughter actually looking at me!


Here she is with my middle daughter… not sure what is on her toe…but again she isn’t looking at me haha


Her middle son was having his diaper changed on my lawn but you’d never know it! haha And my youngest daughter saw me post this and said, “Mo-Mo!” (that’s what she calls him!)  Her kids have the cutest faces!


And here’s her newest little man.  Isn’t he sweet?  It bugs me that the picture isn’t the same size as the others (I’ll have to change that when I have more time!)


So there ya have it… my Grephews and my Greice!  I love them!! xoxo

Signed, Grauntie


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