Posted by: purityseekers | August 25, 2011

Outdoor Show…

I love how creative my kids can be.  The other day they decided to have an outdoor show.  So… they got sheets, a blanket and a tarp and  hung them up on my clothesline…

It was evening when they performed their show, so the lighting is a bit funny in some photos!

Here’s MOST of the cast…

My youngest son (the wolf), my oldest daughter (the witch), our neighbor (the vampire) and my middle daughter (the princess)…

(and yes, I DO allow my kids to do witchy type things, as long as the witch gets it good in the end haha)

Kids Dressed In Costumes

Can’t forget the “pumpkin”…

Baby Girl Pumpkin Costume

My oldest son ran away from me often, because they talked him into wearing a dress! haha

They told us to close our eyes as the cast ran “backstage”.  The pumpkin didn’t realize she WAS part of the cast…

Before he put the dress on, my son started the show!

Oh no!!!  The wolf is chasing the invisible princess!!!

I love the effects.  My son is busy making the “spray bottle” eerie fog while the witch is taken care of…by the vampire…as the princess & the pumpkin watch…lol

I love how they transformed my baby girls castle slide into a real castle by adding a plywood door!

Every good play needs a little boy in a tu-tu…

and a tu-tu headdress always livens up things!

I snuck “backstage” to get a peek since I didn’t have a backstage pass!

What a great show!  Then we cleaned up the yard and they all got a good night’s sleep!  I love homeschooling!





  1. And people pay to send their kids to Drama Camp ! Such fun.

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