Posted by: purityseekers | April 4, 2011

I'm still here!

Well, Spring has NOT sprung in our part of the world, but we are not going to let THAT stop us!!  As soon as most of our snow had melted, we got hit with an April snowstorm the other day and got  8″ or so!!

We took advantage of a sunny day though, and got the kids out for a long neighborhood walk!

Here they are with Daddy and then with me!  I love our kids!!!


This is one of my favorite things to do; walk with my children.  We laugh, we run, we walk, we throw snow at each other, we kick stuff, we eat snacks, we talk, we don’t talk; it’s just perfect.


and I love that I have a lot of helpers to push little “S”!  Here’s big brother “A” strolling his little sister”…


I have a few more pix to add, but our computer got unplugged earlier and all of the photos I had open, got closed, so I’ll have to hunt for them another time!!

The other day my friend, Kim, came over and I taught her and her daughter how to make homemade lip balm and lime/coconut sugar scrub!  It was SO much fun!

homemade lip balmhomemade sugar scrub

Her daughter had a great idea for decorating her tin of lip balm and I’m going to make lots of these in the future for little gifts!!  It’s just a fun pop dotted sticker on top and some ribbon on the side!  Isn’t this adorable????


I have to stop, but have to post one final photo of my oldest son before he left to volunteer at a “Jars of Clay” concert the other day.  I love that he has such a servant’s heart!  I can’t believe he is taller than my Husband and I… but he’ll always be my little boy 🙂

“Serve one another in love”… it’s that simple…


Goodbye for now!



  1. Love reading about your family, Bridget!!! I made an account; but not sure how much I’ll be posting……… more pics more pics!!

    • Thank you, Tammie!! I don’t blog as much as I’d like to, but when I get a chance, it’s fun catching up with photos!!!!!! I’ll post more SOOOOON!!!!!!

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