Posted by: purityseekers | February 6, 2011

A Few Pix…

Sledding, anyone??


Maine has been hit HARD with snow this year! I mean a CrAzY amount of snow! My Husband and I both agree it reminds us of Maine winters when we were kids! Snow piles EVERYWHERE! So much snow that you run out of places to put the snow after each big storm!

Think eating at the picnic tables will have to wait a while…


But I am glad I have this little funny girl to help fight the winter blues…


I also experienced my 1st winter wedding. OK. It may not be your typical wedding, but it was still a wedding! There was CAKE… so I don’t care WHO got married! To me, that’s a wedding!

Here is the “beautiful” bride. She is a firefly puppet, transformed by me (with red wool hair and lips!), into a sweet girl firefly named, “Jessica”.


And here is the wedding. My oldest daughter has a special Awana Club “Sparky” puppet she’s adored for years and she planned the event! As pathetic as it is, he is part of our family and his wedding brought tears to my eyes. I know. It’s been a looooong winter šŸ˜‰


My middle daughter decided to have a little party of her own and planned her baby doll, Casey’s, 1st birthday. That’s “K.C” (as Lilli spells it)… lying face first on the table. I think she missed the whole party, but again, there was cake so we all were happy!


Happy Winter, everyone! Pray that the ol’ groundhog was right and that Spring comes FAST!



  1. Hi there! We’re in Northern NH and my husband is just sure that spring will never come again. I assure him it will….for at least a few days in JUNE! lol It has been a rough winter, hasn’t it. Looks like your kids keep things cheerful inside!

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