Posted by: purityseekers | January 26, 2011


That’s me! … OVERWHELMED!!

I guess the fancy label for me nowadays would be O.C.D or A.D.D… but I just like to call it a “type A personality” ha ha. Instead of taking medication, I knit. It’s great therapy! Here’s one result of my therapy of choice…


But… it’s time to also get control of a few things! I always manage to get myself into way too many outlets, focus on one, forget the rest and then have a hard time figuring out where I’m at with any of it!! Then throw a Husband and 6 kids into the mix… oh it can get really ugly!!

So…I’m trying to get a grip. I decided to make a list of everywhere I go online, with usernames and passwords, to really embarrass myself. Holy Moly! I have started a bunch of different blogs, have an internet shop that I’ve changed the name of a handful of times, have blogs for each shop, personal blogs, photobucket, Flickr, I’m part of a bunch of different forums, and have a crazy flippin’ million email addresses!! And I never delete… NEVER. I really need to hunt down some of the old sites and see if they actually still exist and then get rid of them!!

It may take a while, but I plan on getting all my favorite blog entries into one blog! AND I had started a website that I also want to incorporate over here!! Please bear with me if you come over here and there is a mess for a while! I also am trying to get used to WordPress!

OK…I am off to figure this whole thing out!


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