Posted by: purityseekers | November 25, 2010

Our Thanksgiving…

It’s Thanksgiving! And it’s pretty cold out there!! Hoping the freezing rain will hold off so we can visit friends this afternoon for MORE dessert after dessert!

I am the only one awake. Well, all but Miss “S” who I can hear on the baby monitor. I was hoping she’d snuggle up in my place in bed and fall fast asleep, but she didn’t. Daddy is still up there, but I can tell his cuddles aren’t helping. She’s saying, “nananananananananana”. Guess she’ll be having coffee with us this morning!

This is one of the first Thanksgivings in a long time that I haven’t cooked the turkey! My folks did that yesterday, and will bring it here all cut up! How sweet is THAT??

Wow, that little girl on the monitor is adorable! And I can hear Daddy making this funny clicking sound to her in hopes she’ll fall back to sleep, but now she’s saying, “nanana aaaah dadadadada nananana”…. not a chance!

my baby girl

So, it’s a relaxing day for us today! My Sister and my Niece and her Husband (and dog) are coming over and bringing lots of stuff, so I am going to make a baked mac & cheese, some potatoes & some veggies!

Well, I’d write more, but I have a frustrated baby up there! I need coffee!

Happy Thanksgiving, world!

🙂 Bridget


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