Posted by: purityseekers | November 21, 2010

Our Day…

Our day today consisted of zero structure. I don’t mind because it also consisted of zero tv & zero computer!

I’ve been convicted to start another Mom’s Bootcamp For Kids. I have done this several times in the past, when disobedience starts to surface, and I start to feel overwhelmed by it!

Kids are always going to be foolish. BUT, my job is to train my children well, and I can tell when I have let things slip. Time to smarten up!

So, the last few days we’ve been preparing to start bootcamp on Monday.

I had told my Husband that one of my biggest problems was our Dining Room. It was slowly becoming our Craft Room, where we ate ONLY after pushing all the craft stuff out of the way!

Today he said I could buy a nice 6 foot table at Sam’s Club for $50! That’s a pretty great deal for such an awesome amount of space! With 5 kids that are old enough to do crafts, they need a big area! What a blessing! We organized craft stuff, put most things neatly in our room (and they need to ASK for them!), and left just some crayons, pencils, colored pencils and paper to draw with! You can see that it will also be a Lego table 🙂

Craft Table For Homeschooling

Of course with a little wee one in the house, I spend a lot of time during my days, snuggling her. So do the kids 🙂 I took this picture after running downstairs to throw her cloth diaper in the pail. Big brother, “A”, was watching her, so he got her up onto the pillow, climbed under the blankets with her, and cuddled away! I love my kids!

Big Brother Snuggling Baby Sister

And look! She sits. This makes me so happy!

baby sitting up

“L” came into the room (after knocking, or course! That’s our new “Dad & Mom’s Room” rule!) and she was watching “S” practice her sitting skills, and just had to smooch her little fat cheeks! I watched a video yesterday about finding the beauty in an ordinary day. Isn’t this beautiful for an ordinary day?

Big Sister Kissing Baby Sister

Although we didn’t do any structured schooling (that’s what I say when I MEAN “force your kids to sit down and do workbook pages when they’d rather be playing “Monopoly”, coloring, doing a crossword puzzle, making a salad, etc.”) . . . my children did homeschooling at it’s best! My oldest son (13) went to buy our new art table w/ Grampa, worked on some math riddles, held the baby when I needed him to, did dishes for me this afternoon and lots of other little things. My other kids did random things like make homemade silly putty, put together a puzzle, made a salad together, did beading, played Play-doh, etc.

My oldest daughter (9) decided to have a little solo tea party. We have this cute little single teacup cup (that sounds funny… teacup cup) . . . that has the cup on the bottom and the little teapot on the top. Maybe I should have said “teapot cup”. Ya, that sounds better. And she found a candle she made at VBS out of a styrofoam ball. That was a GREAT idea.

Here she is. . . in the dark. . .

Daughter Having Tea Party By Candlelight

Now my kids are gearing up to go to bed, my Husband should be on his way home from dealing with a furnace problem at the home we are renting to my Niece and her Husband, and my oldest son has gone to his Dad’s for the weekend. He has a piano recital on Sunday. I’m nervous. Although he is such a wonderful pianist, this will only be his 2nd recital and I’m nervous for him. I guess if it was his 1,445th recital. . . I’d still be nervous. That’s all part of being a Mama.

If you’d like to watch and hear him playing “Moonlight Sonata” at his 1st piano recital, here it is: (This warms my heart, because God has given him a wonderful gift. This was his 1st year of lessons, so it’s pretty impressive!) Sorry if you get dizzy. Not the best skills with my Flip videocamera. And at the end. . . gotta love, “Mama, I need to go to the bathroom”… oh well. That’s life. The clapping is my favorite part though 😉

Enjoy! (and that’s all for today! I’m tired and going to get kids ready for bed!)

First Piano Recital Moonlight Sonata



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