Posted by: purityseekers | September 1, 2010

FREE Budgie Bloomer Pattern WEEKLY contest!

Hi All!!  WOW, have I been BUSY!!!!

I haven’t been on here very much ever since my youngest daughter was born, but she isn’t the only reason.  I have been living my life as a SAHM with my 6 kids, having a super busy summer AND getting my new Hyena Cart shop up and running!  I had stopped my shop for a maternity leave and decided to come back and revamp my whole shop… new name too!

Visit my shop’s blog, “Squeakin’ Cheeks”, and check out the contest I’m running each week and giving away a FREE BUDGIE BLOOMER PATTERN!

Make sure to enter and I’ll be posting a reminder each week for any upcoming contests!!  Subscribe to my shop’s RSS feed if that makes it easier!!

Once things slow down a bit (my shop is almost finished… then all I’ll have to do is knit and that’s the easy part!!) I am hoping to get on here and post about our upcoming homeschooling year!

Hope you are all well!!!  God Bless!!

🙂 Bridget


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