Posted by: purityseekers | July 23, 2010

Squeakin' Cheeks.

I run a shop at a place called “Hyena Cart“.

Please hold while I wash a load of dishes…

K, I’m back. I know. That was weird. But I kept telling myself that if I didn’t at least start and entry, then I probably wouldn’t end up posting at all. SO, that’s just another one of those little mind games I play with myself.

Dishes are done, I sang “Itsy Bitsy Spider” to my baby, have some of her wool soaking, and I put water on to boil. NOW I can continue.

I run a shop. I’ve had a couple different online shops. My first one was at Etsy, my 2nd one was a name change at Etsy, then I went to HC. Another change. Are you seeing a pattern here? And now, I am on HC but wanted to change my name again so I had to open up another shop! I am hopeful that this is where my ridiculous bouncing around will end!

Introducing….”Squeakin’ Cheeks“! Now you are seeing why I wrote that strange title. That’s my new shop! Let me introduce you to the “Cheeks” in Squeakin’ Cheeks. (although you may have already met her if you’ve read this blog at all)

Don’t you love her face? Well, even if you don’t, I do and that’s all that matters 😉 Her cousin, Haley, nicknamed her “Cheeks” for obvious reasons.

Haley’s son is 3 months older than “Cheeks” and his appropriate stage name is “Thighs”. This is an older photo of him and you can’t see his thighs…but do you dig his cool glasses?


and speaking of Mr. Thighs. This is a photo from a trip to the ocean this summer. My Mom is holding “Cheeks” and if you look real close at that sweet little baby’s forehead, you’ll see where her cousin tried to eat her!!!!


OK. Now back to my shop.

I am a work-at-home knitter who loves working with natural fiber (wool being my FAVORITE!!!) I cloth diaper and use knit wool products as diaper covers. I remember thinking that was crazy and wondered how in the world a pair of knit pants would keep a wet cloth diaper well covered! Well…it’s easy. Instead of going into a big spiel (which I first spelled “speal” and then tried “speel” and then thought it may be “shpeal”…since that kinda how I say it…) I will just say that wool has lanolin in it which makes it a waterproof barrier. It’s not waterproof like say a tent or something from LLBean… but it DOES work for diapers and is just amazing, in my opinion.

I knit my first diaper cover for my “almost 5 year old” when he was 1. Wanna see it?? It’s really cute. Well, it’s actually my 2nd pair, but I like this pair the best. I made it for him to wear on his first birthday 🙂 Look at the little guy! These longies were knit with Malabrigo… ooh la la!!

So now I am spending time here and there getting my shop ready! It’s fun, but really time consuming for this poor Mama of 6! It’ll all be worth it once I have all the little things done!

So there ya have it! Us Plus… Squeakin’ Cheeks. I hope that it’ll make some good money this Fall to help my hardworking Husband pay for homeschooling supplies (and yarn, and scrapbooking supplies, and Dunkin’ Donuts iced coffee, and random little things I see at ACMoore that I want, and maybe if I do real good…a new camera!)

Oh and speaking of camera’s. Did I tell you that our Canon Rebel XT is dying very slowly? The poor thing. It’s like a dog. You know. How they say a dog is like 7 human years old per actual year…or something like that. Well, my little honey of a camera is only 6 or 7 years old, but like 50 in dog years…so maybe camera years are more like double dog years. Because this camera is acting like it is 100 and should be in a camera nursing home. And btw… why is it a “double dog dare”… just wondering. My mind wanders sometimes.

And speaking of mind’s wandering. I just want to let you know that I usually blog kinda normal. I mean. I usually just post a photo here and there and then a querky little quote or what-have-you, but I decided I would really “journal” more on here like I used to when I actually kept a diary. (which I did FAITHFULLY from when I was very young until after I had my first child…then it all went ka-poot!) And I don’t want to try to be someone I’m not. I am a bit flighty and my mind is wound up most of the time and thinks and thinks and thinks and I have a hard time catching up!! So, sorry if I take rabbit trails sometimes. I’m just writing as I think…which isn’t even CLOSE to “normal”.

There. Now I have that out there! So, I was going to stop and then started talking about camera’s and nursing homes!! Sheesh! I need to get off here and give some kids some baths!

Pop on over to my shop and check it out! I’d love comments on how you like it!

Us Plus… Squeakin’ Cheeks.

Nighty Night!


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