Posted by: purityseekers | June 19, 2010

two sweet girls.

My friend, Traci, and her kids were here yesterday evening and I took a ton of photos of our youngest babies together. She had left to bring some of our older kids to a youth night, so the “not old enough to go” aged kids and I posed the babies together.

Here are two of my favorites…

Her baby is on the left and mine on the right. Aren’t they sweet snuggling up together? They were watching one of her other daughter’s spin my 4 year old around in circles. I just LOVE baby skin, baby toes, baby wool…


and my baby has a onesie snapped on the outside of her wool…well…just because you have to either leave them unsnapped (like I usually do and like Traci’s baby’s is), snapped, or you have to cut off the snaps. The latter is not my choice just because I have a hard time cutting a perfectly decent onesie that later on someone could use the normal way if they don’t use wool. Not that I had to explain that whole thing to you but I am a bit OCD at times and didn’t want you to wonder what the heck she was wearing šŸ˜‰

AND I am also not an advocate of innappropriate children’s clothing lol, but my niece Haley bought this onesie for her at a consignment shop. Go figure. Haha. And this is another OCD moment because you can’t even see what the shirt says in the above photo. Anywho. I just HAD to take a photo of her in it with a cool diaper. SO yesterday morning I grabbed a diaper Traci handed down to me (a Muttaqin….oooh la la!) and took a few photos of my little one in it and the shirt…



Okee dokee. Yes. It’s innappropriate, but just plain silly and makes me giggle. That is why Haley gave it to me, because she knows me lol. So, back to the two sweet girls…

My little one got a bit bored of the whole thing and decided to suck her thumb and play with her hair. I would probably do the same if I didn’t knit.


Us Plus… two sweet girls. Praying they are friends for life!


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