Posted by: purityseekers | June 18, 2010

a follower.

Thank you, Trisha, for being our one lonely follower!! Hopefully you won’t be alone for long 😉

I am too wide awake for it being just a little past 4 AM. I just nursed my baby back to sleep, had a tiny taste of the cake I made this afternoon (and noticed the waxed paper I put over the pan looked a little crooked, like Mr. “this is my house woman” may have snuck some cake after I went to bed. Watching that meaningless little basketball game must have made him hungry.)

I also had a glass of OJ and a few Veggie Straws. Breastfeedin’ makes me hungray (said in my head with the voice of Shrek) …and they really work as straws, ya know. My Griece (Great Niece) was here the other day drinking out of this eensy teensy cup we have and using the little straw snack to drink her wee glass of water… it was TOO cute! And now I feel I must publish this post before I start rambling on, completely out of control, due to my fuzzy tired brain that needs to chill out and get a bit more rest before taking on another day!

We have a follower. That makes me smile.

Goodmorning and goodnight. I doubt I’ll be able to fall back to sleep very easy, but it’s my favorite time to fellowship with God, so off I go!


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