Posted by: purityseekers | June 17, 2010

chocolate sheet cake. (Pioneer Woman)

I’m craving cake.

And yes, this is our blogs 2nd entry and there isn’t one single, solitary entry written by my Husband yet, who is Troy btw, and I, Bridget btw, am ok with that for now but as soon as he gets home from work we are going to have a little “blog activity” talk and before this run-on sentence gets too out of control, I better continue with my original thoughts.

I’m craving cake. And although I am not going to be like Julie from “Julie & Julia” and cook a whole recipe book in a year, I AM going to try different recipes here and there and give my review, show you a photo, and link to the recipe if it rocks 🙂

I love the Pioneer Woman. I should have titled this entry: Us Plus… the Pioneer Woman. She is awesome and I LOVE her! I also like pretending that she personally sends me tweets. I know. I know. That is really silly, but kinda true and I really wish I knew her. Even if it was just to hang out with her for a day, I know it would be really fun and silly and a day I’d never forget!

Today I am going to bake her chocolate sheet cake. I just looked at the recipe and it calls for everything that I have in my kitchen EXCEPT buttermilk and pecans. I DO have walnuts (although it’s surprising because my 9 year old daughter eats them off and on all day!) but I think I will have to do the good ol’ fake buttermilk by adding vinegar to milk. For today, it will have to do. I am not a huge fan of packing up 6 kids to go to the store for just an item or two.

I am so excited to eat this cake that I feel all squishy inside! Better go get started before I just end up eating a bunch of Ghiradelli chocolate chips and knitting all afternoon!

Ok. Cake put on hold for a minute. Forgot a little 6 year old girl needed help taking a shower. To be continued…

There. She is all showered 🙂
Back to the recipe. It says I’ll need a jelly roll pan or a commercial sheet, like she used, but all I have is a regular cookie sheet. I am not really sure about the difference, there must be or she wouldn’t have called it a jelly roll pan. Oh well 🙂 I am going to just pray hard that our cake doesn’t “overfill”. (lol I’m laughing because that’s the term we use when my son pee’s too much in his pull-up!)

Here’s my 9 yr. old who was 1st to ask if she could help. There is a little mess of confectioner’s sugar by the bowl because she just HAD to taste it! A girl after my own heart!

I am now starting a “Cook With Mom” chart so that each child can cook with me alone. I’ve had a few complaints from the other kids. I usually let them all help, but then things get crazy and everyone only gets to do one silly little job and it’s not really much fun for anyone! But, that’s life, and this is my youngest fusser who will need to deal with it… (seeings that my VERY youngest is only 3 months old and snuggling with her big brother at the moment!)


Oh, my daughter is SOOOO cute!! She saw the measuring spoon that the Pioneer Woman used in her photo and all of a sudden she didn’t like the one I had chosen. She said, “OH, we have one like that!” and she ran into the other room where my 7 yr. old was playing with the rice bucket. (a bucket I filled with white rice, which you probably already figured out, and little spoons and things for fun scooping and pouring!) She came out with one very similar to Ree’s, so I washed it and THAT was what HAD to be used!!! And when she learned what “heaping” meant, this is how it made her feel…(she is definitely going to be a chocolate eater when she has emotional instability moments as a woman!)


Oooopsie! Started putting the cocoa in the conf. sugar instead of the melted butter! Of course it didn’t matter, because she had to put some in later on, but I thought it was cute because she was all excited to dump it in, she forgot where she was supposed to put it!


Yay! Our overfilling problems are solved! (well, at least in the sheet cake area) I KNEW we had a bigger pan, but I couldn’t find it! My brain jumped into overdrive and I remembered one in the Dining Room that my daughter had been using to put clay creations on for baking! I quickly dumped the random things that had gathered on it, washed it and we are ready to rock n’… bake! Guess I DO have a jelly roll pan! Learn something new everyday!

“RUBBER SPATULA!!!! WHERE ARE YOOOOOOOOOOO???? Oh you silly little baking utensil…THERE you are!!” (in the dirty dishes. go figure.)

Cake is baking and now we are making the frosting. Ooooh la la! MORE butter? MORE heaping tablespoons of chocolate?? Either I’ve died and gone on to glory, or I am leading my children into major temptation here on earth!!! Either way, I am very happy and would not change anything that is happening at this very moment!

hahaha my 4 year old is singing “I don’t liiiiiiike you because you won’t let me help make the caaaaaaaake” (he’s singing to his biggest sister, using the sweetest voice while expressing his frustration as I sit uncomfortably blogging about it while my oldest son puts my 3 month old “not ready for shoulder rides” daughter on my shoulders ~ sorry, another run-on sentence but that is how I would probably really say it, so why not?)


Oh dear Lord. This frosting is delicious!!!!!!!! You, Lord, made chocolate so I am not going to feel bad about baking this wonderful rectangle of yumminess!!! The frosting is now on the cake and I wish we didn’t have to eat dinner in a few minutes because I would probably end up face first in the chocolate goodness and they’d have to pull me out!!!!!!


Did I say the baby was snuggling with her big brother? Guess they got bored…


To be continued… after dinner….

Alrighty…I just served the kids and they sound SO cute thanking their sister for making such an awesome cake!! “MMMMMM”s all around!!! Success!!!! Thank you, Ree!


Us Plus…chocolate sheet cake.

Our day is complete. Well, maybe not exactly complete, but once we are all off our sugar high, we will rest sweetly. But the sleep won’t come until all the little minions are in jammies, chocolate washed off their faces, teeth have been brushed and prayers have been said. My Husband, on the other hand, is watching Game 7 of the NBA finals (yaaaawn yaaawn ZZZzzzz oh oh sorry!!!) and so I will go upstairs and snuggle up with my wee one and thank the good Lord above for all He has blessed me with. I love my life!



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