Posted by: purityseekers | June 15, 2010

a blog.

The good little housewife says,

I was inspired to start a blog for my Husband and I to do together! We watched “Julie & Julia” a few night’s ago, and for those of you who have seen it, you can see why that was my inspiration! For those of you who HAVEN’T seen it, it’s the story of a woman who blogged about cooking through Julia Childs’ cookbook in a year 🙂 I’ve blogged for a few years now, at as “Purityseekers” but really want a change. And my poor Husband. When my mind gets going, I just can’t stop and he is the one that has to sit there and listen to me ramble my thoughts for hours. (and I mean HOURS) The morning after we watched the movie, I talked his ears off about wanting to start this blog!!!

I’ll keep this short and sweet. We are blogging together. (even if he isn’t AS excited as I am lol) If you see black words, those are the words of the author of the entry, but if you see red words… those are the “hackers” words (AKA the one of us that ISN’T the author who wants to rant about something the other one wrote…or just interrupt to get attention). Does that make any sense?? Hope so.

SO. Here we are. Hope you have fun reading about our lives! OH and did I tell you we have 6 kids? That should make this blog a little more… colorful 🙂 OH and I should tell you that I am a stay-at-home Mama and have been since my oldest son was born. He is 13. OH and I homeschool my kids and that certain 13 year old has never been in public school. He’s been stuck here, in these 4 walls, with ME all these years. (I’ll pause for a moment of silence as you feel bad for the poor kid to have had to endure me all of his days!)


OK. So there. That kinda sums up our lives a bit. OH and my Husband is the bread winner and has lots he can whine about when it comes to his work life. He is also really cute and really funny and is THE best Husband and Father in the whole entire world!!

And I’ll end this first entry of mine with saying that I am a Christian who has a passion to live to glorify the Lord and to attempt to purify our lives more everyday as we walk in this crazy world. Looking forward to the day we are with Him in heaven, but enjoying every second of the life that He has given us! I like to live with vim and vigor (which both mean “enthusiam”, which I figured, but had to look it up lol. It’s one of those sayings you just say and then have to stop and think about why someone came up with it in the first place) OK. So, as I was saying, I live life with a cheery heart (most of the time) and am spontaneous and easy going and usually am the happiest with a house jam packed full of children!!

Now…I need to nurse my baby and try to recover from all the html headaches I’ve gotten today!

Us Plus… a blog.

Yay! In the upcoming entries, I will make sure to tell more about each of us and what I hope to see this blog become in the future! Getting my Husband on board FOR REAL will be a challenge, but once he gets a blogger’s mind, I hope he really has fun with it!

Visit again soon to see what “Us” has added as a “Plus”
~ Bridget


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