Posted by: purityseekers | May 11, 2010

Stairway to Lego City…

Before I show you the Lego City thing… I had to post a photo of “E” in the new shorts I sewed for him 🙂  They are his jammie shorts, but I let him wear them outside because he loved them so much!

and here are 3 other pairs I made… the green pairs are for each of my girls and the other vehicle fabric pair is for my 7 year old son.  I don’t normally fold our laundry outside on the driveway.  That would just be weird 😉  But I took them outside because the lighting wasn’t good in the house.  That’s life without a working flash…but who wants to use a flash anywho???  Manual is much nicer!

My youngest son, “E”, was digging in the backyard and got excited because he said he found a big rock!  Big Guy “C” helped him dig and they found out it was a large square stone!  Little “E” said, “it’s the stairway to Lego City!!”  The girls, to the right, are dancing as I sing “we’re going to Lego City…we’re going to Lego City!!!” hehe

“Hm.  How are we gonna get this thing outta there??”

I’d act like this too, if I were going to Lego City!!!! (oh, and my “Z” has on another pair of shorts I made for her.  They are a cool army green shade that looks all marbleized.  I don’t think I spelled that right, but you get the picture.)

I don’t know WHAT she’s doing! haha

Gotta get it all clean.  Well, as clean as you can get an old, dirty stone.

See?  It’s not very clean.  BUT they all felt like archaeologists and had SO much fun!  Since this home used to be my Grandparents, I think it was something my Grandfather must have used for his old deck or something.  I wonder what you were used for, little square stone that really isn’t a stairway to Lego City?  Guess we’ll never know.



  1. Love it when children play like this! Cute pics. Holly

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