Posted by: purityseekers | May 11, 2010

Sewing With A Spider.

I named her Charlotte.  I know.  Not very creative, but I’ve got an infant so I have a good excuse 🙂  I was sewing a dress for a friend’s daughter for her birthday and realized I had company…

She had fun hanging out w/ me while I was stitching and even after blowing her off my fabric a few times, she kept coming back!  It was crazy!

This is what my machine helped me create.  It was SO easy and looks NOT easy.  I like that.    Makes me look more talented than I really am 😉  It’s called "shirring".  Here’s a link that will give you and idea of how to use elastic thread in your machine to create the top section!


And Sunday was Mother’s Day.  I rang in my Mother’s Day w/ a little sweet baby girl that wouldn’t fall asleep and didn’t until after 12:30 AM!  I also woke at 4:30 AM to an adorable 4.5 year old boy cuddling in bed w/ us!  Daddy had to work, so I got to do my favorite thing for Mother’s Day… BE A MOM!!  But I also squeezed in some time to make some peanut butter fudge for my Mom!

It came out crunchy.  I know.  Fudge isn’t supposed to be crunchy and mine is always perfect.  After uploading these photos, I realized one of the problems.  I stopped stirring while I took photos for my blog!!!!  Another problem is that while I had the sugar and water boiling to "soft ball" stage, I stopped to set up some things to photograph and let it go a hair past on it’s way to the "hard ball" stage.  No matter what… it tastes like fudge and my kids think the crunch is cool!  (yes, we kept some for ourselves… it makes over 2 lbs. of fudge!!)

And since the kids get all excited about "junk peanut butter" and "junk fluff"… I also made bread so they could have "junk PB & J’s"!  Isn’t that what Mother’s Day is all about??  Being a fun lovin’ Mama??  I think so!!

Then later on my niece, Haley, came over w/ her family and we sewed!  I haven’t taken any photos of the shirt I made for my oldest daughter, "Z", and I would right now except it’s in the washing machine.  I will maybe post a photo later, but to sum it up… it looks like the dress above but it’s a purple print fabric, made shorter to be a shirt, and has a tied from the middle front that ties around the back of her neck.

While Haley was here, she grabbed my camera and took some photos of her littlest guy, "M", in my oldest son’s 3D glasses… isn’t he awesome????  Look at his cute little bottom teeth!  I love this boy…

And of course no blog entry, these days, is complete without a picture of my newest miracle, little "S".  Here she is in a sweet dress from my friend, Traci, and her new shorties I knit for her using Cestari wool.  I took her to a birthday party right after this was taken, and she pooped right up out of her cloth diaper and that was the end of the cute outfit for the day.  But here’s proof that she actually wore it 😉

I love her.

Thank you, as usual, for letting me share a bit of our lives!!
🙂 Bridget



  1. oh oh oh!!! I didn't know you had the baby-congratulations!! She is so absolutely beautiful!!!! Holly

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