Posted by: purityseekers | January 7, 2010

Finally I don't have to knit in secret!!!

Natural TINY longies I am in the process of knitting.  You can’t see it very well, but there is a little touch of the “tea rose” color on the leg cuff… (to match the sweater below)

A sweet Kimono sweater (that will have 4 buttons)

This hat is SOOOO tiny and hopefully JUST RIGHT for my newest little girl when she arrives 🙂  If not, it will be passed on to my daughter’s doll.  But since I deliver at 37 weeks this time and usually have teeny baby’s because of early delivery, I am hoping it fits!

And this is a “January Knit-a-long” I did that say “Happy 2010” in the center, although it’s hard to see it.  I am going to save it to put in our baby girl’s “special things” box!



  1. The longies and sweater are so precious!


  2. A girl – yay! My 4th great niece is being born today – so I'm all about baby girls right now. 🙂 cute knitting!

  3. Oh-SO adorable!!! You are so talented with those knitting needles! Wish you could teach me. LOL Holly

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