Posted by: purityseekers | January 2, 2010

365 days of who YOU are… Day # 1

A friend of mine started a Flickr Group called "365 days of who YOU are…" where you post one photo each day about your life!  I am SO excited about it!  (and praying I’ll stay consistent!!!!)  This will be a fun way to keep a photo journal of the last couple months of my pregnancy AND the babies first months on this earth!

I’ll be also posting them here on my blog 🙂  HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

On New Year’s Day, I was up in my room making friendship bracelets for my kids 🙂  I thought this would make a good first photo!  AND, for those who know about my "secret" of not sharing what my baby is (since my Husband wants to be surprised!)… this is in NO way a little hint about what I’m having 😉  I just happened to be making my daughter’s bracelet when I shot the photo!  If I had taken it a few minutes before this… the bracelet would have been the one I made for my 7 year old son…a bright orange and black one! haha



  1. Awww……..I love it!

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