Posted by: purityseekers | December 18, 2009

I was in a baking mood today because we had run out of flour but today went and got 50 lbs. of white flour, 50 lbs. of whole wheat, and 50 lbs. of rolled oats!  Yay!

I decided to make a sponge cake.   I had thawed some of the strawberries we had picked this summer and needed something to turn them into dessert!  SO… the sponge cake helped make them a delicious Strawberry Shortcake!  OOOOH it was SOOO good!

And can you tell that we drink Tropicana OJ?  I never did work, but he tried SO hard! hehe

I also made molasses cookies but was too lazy to photograph them.  I can’t wait to make more cookies for Christmas and then get started on Christmas candy!

I’m giving the kids some time off for school for the holidays, so I am going to focus on lots of devotions and fun things to prepare for our celebration of the Lord’s birth!

To be continued…



  1. Hello, my name is Brooke and I just came across your blog while I was looking for play money! Very encouraging! I was wondering if you could e-mail me those files for play money -I couldn't get them to open!
    Thanks so much!

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