Posted by: purityseekers | October 7, 2009

Simple Blessings…

With 5 children and one on the way… thinking of all the knitting I had to do this winter was stressing me out a bit!  My wonderful Mom offered her knitting services and then I offered her organic wool and she got to work!  (she also learned a few new things along the way like knitting on circular needles, the long tail cast-on and weaving in ends!)

THANK YOU, MOM!!!!!  This meant SOOOOO much to me!!
(and now she is knitting hat for her Great Grandkids AND then she’ll knit my Husband and I a hat!  Isn’t that terrific???  WHAT a BLESSING!!!!!!!)



  1. That is absolutely a blessing! How wonderful. With my little one due in a couple of weeks I have a lot to get done. This inspires me to get moving. 🙂


  2. What a blessing! The hats look great! They look so soft and comfy. I wonder if I should remake some hats for mine too. They still fit last year, but I don't know about this year. I mended one of my DS1 mittens last week and he wore them to PE. ha ha

  3. Those are SO cute! I can knit and crochet, but nothing that neat!

    God bless!

  4. I am going to learn to knit one of these days… I thought of putting a request out on our homeschool group board to see if someone could show me the basics, or asking around at church, but I am so busy right now that I don't know if I'd have the time to really learn… this is definitely on my to-do list, and soon! 🙂

  5. What a blessing your mom is! AND, what a blessing that you are expecting-I haven't visited in awhile, so I'm so excited to see this fantastic news! Congratulations!!! Holly

  6. I have not visited in a while. Congratulations… Little ones are such a blessing…

    Sands in South Africa

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