Posted by: purityseekers | August 24, 2009

Double Streusel Coffee Cake

I wanted to make another breakfast cake this morning.  (Let the cravings begin!!) The one I made the other day was a blueberry coffee cake, but today I wanted more of a streusel.  Well, I found the perfect streusel cake recipe!!


At first I felt incredibly horrible for actually continuing with the recipe after seeing how much sugar was in it LOL but then I did a little research.  I found out how many grams of sugar were in 1.5 cups of sugar (I doubled the recipe to make it a 9X13) and that came to 300 grams.  I know.  That’s a lot of sugar!  BUT wait…it gets BETTER!!  I had to actually double THAT because it also called for 1.5 cups of brown sugar in the streusel topping!!! YIKES!!  SO… a grand total of 600 grams of sugar in this little sweet cake.

I decided I’d cut it into 16 pieces so when I divided 600 grams by 16 pieces (a good math lesson I am going to tell my kids about) I figured out that each serving contained 37.5 grams of sugar.  I made sure to check our tub of yogurt and each 1 cup serving has 28 grams of sugar.  I wouldn’t even think twice before giving the kids a cup of THAT.  Then I checked the Oreos (no one said I was perfect!!!) and it would take about 4 Oreos to equal the grams of sugar in one piece of my coffee cake.  No… my kids don’t eat Oreos for breakfast, BUT we got them to take to the beach and they each probably had 5 or 6 over the course of the day!!!  GROSS!!  They aren’t homemade and just full of junk!!!

I guess no matter what… this cake is high in sugar BUT I’d rather my kids have a treat that is homemade (with milk, eggs, and I even exchanged 1 cup of the flour for whole wheat!) than to have processed grossies!! 

Bon Appetit!




  1. That looks yummy.

  2. That looks great! You can often reduce the sugar in a cake by up to half with no effect on the final prodcut. It's worth a try!
    Thanks for posting the numbers. It makes me feel better about my baked goods.

  3. Beach trip looks like way too much fun:) Wonderful physical science with all the animal and plant life.

    Printed the streusel recipe. Looks real yummy. Hopefully I will get to it this week.

  4. my mouth is totally watering.

    Just wanted to let you know that I passed an award onto you.

  5. I must have missed your announcement, but I noticed the baby ticker in the right side bar! I've been reading your blog for a few years and I remember a long time ago you you mentioned that you can only have c-sections. I'm in the position now, where I've had three. The last one I tried to fight but nobody around here will do a VBAC.Anyway I just was wondering if you knew how many C-sections were safe, or are you comfortable with? Have you researched about this. I don't want my childbearing years to be limited b/c of c-sections. Thanks for any advice you may have.

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