Posted by: purityseekers | August 17, 2009

Our First Day Of School!

Yes!  I’m alive! LOL  Oh…I admit it.  I’ve been horrible at keeping up on my blog.  I also have to admit that Facebook has a "little" to do with it… and knitting!!  Yes, I got sucked into the FB world and have posted many photos there and just felt overwhelmed trying to keep up on 2 places.  BUT I like it here MUCH better and really hope someday I’ll get consistent!!  I also have been knitting a lot for my Hyena Cart shop, The East Side, but am slowing down now that school season is here again!

I planned all last week to start school today.  I had a nice big drafted schedule and got going on it last night in preparation for this AM!  It worked very nicely, but I still need to tweak it a bit over the next couple weeks!

One thing I added to my schedule is a morning walk on the days when it’s nice and the weather bearable!

SO… the kids were all up and ready by 7:30 (which wasn’t the EASIEST task, since they’ve been lazy bones all summer!!!) and we headed out with Dad for an AM walk!

Oh…it was SOOOO beautiful out and the heat hadn’t hit yet so it was PERFECT!!! 

My oldest daughter was the one who found the most fun stuff on the way…

Here she is with her blue jay feather:


and then she found a cute little ladybug:

Everyone else wanted to see too!

My littlest guy found a caterpillar…

and he also discovered that not listening to Dad & Mom and running too fast causes you to fall and scrape your knee!!  It was a minor little boo-boo, but his big brother took good care of him…

We don’t live far from my parents (who live in the same house I grew up in) so as we walked past, Nana said hello through the door!

We headed home, had whole wheat pancakes for breakfast and got ready to study!  You can always tell it’s schooltime when my end of the table is loaded with books!  While the kids eat, I read Scripture, read inspiring stories, go over rules, talk about the day, etc!

My youngest daughter is 5, so she is excited to do a lot of schoolwork this year!  She started out her morning with some paper dolls!

My oldest son didn’t feel well so he took it easy in the AM and we went over schoolwork and read from "Boyhood and Beyond"…and INCREDIBLE book by Bob Shultz!  He also helped with my youngest while I schooled with the others. 

My older daughter and middle son were busy with their schoolwork, but I didn’t get many pix of them.  I focused today on the little ones since they are doing more work this year than ever!

I was really impressed with my "almost 4" year old!  Here is my little lefty working on a schoolpage… (with my oldest daughter doing her studies in the background!)

We ended up finishing all of the studies before lunch and had a "quiet" time in the afternoon… well…if you wanna call it that!  This being the first day, although I’ve prepared them, it was a bit rough.  Mainly for my youngest daughter!  She just did NOT want to go in her room, then I agreed to let her play Duplo’s quietly with her younger brother, but then she wanted to go downstairs with the older kids.  THEN she wanted to come in and out of my room while I was having some quiet time.  THEN she fussed and fumed and ended up getting spankings and by the time quiet time was over…she was settled down and I didn’t get any rest!!  Well, there is always tomorrow!!!

As usual, thank you for letting me share a bit of our lives!! ~ Bridget




  1. The school day looks great! We finished day number 8 for our school this year. We just keep moving right along. Hope to see more posts from you too. 🙂


  2. First, I didn't know it got hot in your neck of the woods, LOL! For some reason I always think that heat begins and ends in Texas. 🙂

    And I'm totally with you on the facebook thing… I got on there, and a lot of my blog friends are on there, too (the ones that I trust with my last name, I should say!), so I find myself never updating my blog anymore. 🙂

    We start school the week of Labor Day. The public school here starts on the 24th, so we could join them… but I don't know. For some reason September seems more like the month to start school in my mind, lol. 🙂

  3. LOL – I didn't notice what was new on your blog before, but now I wonder how I could have missed it! 🙂 That is wonderful news, and makes perfect sense to start school early. Isn't that just one of the many wonderful perks to homeschooling? Keeping our own schedules! 🙂

    (((HUGS))) Praying for ya'll…

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