Posted by: purityseekers | July 7, 2009

I've been busy!

Hey all!  I am finally getting a little bit of time to catch up on here!!

I am having a lot of fun at Hyena Cart ever since I moved from Etsy!  I’ve been busy knitting up customs and just love all of the people I am working with!

Thought I’d show you a little pair of capris I’ve sold recently and a new custom I’m working on 🙂

I’d like this to be a place for shoppers to view what’s going on with me and for custom buyers to be able to keep tabs on my progress!

I recently sold these little favorites of mine and just got a new custom order for longies in this style!  Can’t wait!

I am almost finished with a custom called “rainbows on pink” and they are for a sweet little girl’s 1st birthday party in October so I can’t wait to show photos later on!  All I have left is the i-cord and weaving in ends!  The only problem, which I am so thankful that Jamee is really patient and kind, is that the whole boat load of Cestari I bought came to me smelling like moth balls!!!!  I am working with the company now and hear that this has been common, but people still love the wool so much they’ve dealt with the “airing out” process for now since the company has changed their storage process!  Like I said, I LOVE the ladies I’ve been working with!  They make my job fun and relaxing!!


I’ll be back!  Just wanted to share a tad with you before I start my day!  I’m hoping to post more often!!!

Thanks for poppin’ over to The East Side!  I am always adding to my list for customs, so please email me if you have anything you are looking for!!

🙂 Bridget



  1. you do such amazing, gorgeous work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Truly adorable. GET YOUR PATTERN READY, I envision 1000's of Budgie Britches pattern buyers.

  2. Oh, how I wish my little girl were small enough to wear these – so cute!!!

  3. I must have another baby! But you need many more boy styles! 😉

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