Posted by: purityseekers | June 3, 2009

Check out this great ART BLOG!!!

My friend, Shipra, came up with a great idea for homeschoolers all over!  She started the "Wednesday Gallery ~ an inspired artblog" and I’d like you to please help me to get the word out!

Each week there is a new word, which is to be used for inspiration, and the kids need to use their thinkers and get artsy!   

This week’s word is: 

The new word is posted on Wednesdays along with the prior week’s photos!  One photo per child is submitted to by Tuesday evening, along with the child’s age, their "title" for their project, and art resources used to make the project.  Feel free to also send links to any websites you may have used to get creative ideas!

Last week’s word was "ROCK" and my kids had SO much fun deciding what they would do and then it was fun to see what they would name their final art photo!  As soon as their photos were posted to the blog, they were SO excited to see them along with all of the other children’s entries!! 

Here are my oldest three children’s entries:

"A" (age:6.5)

"Tiger Rock"

paint on a rock.

"Z" (age:8)

"rocks ROCK!"

she spelled "rock" with rocks, including her birthstone, amethyst.

and "C" (age:12)

"Rock Mountain"

photography and rocks from his art collection including flint and quartz.

This coming week there will be a contest and all photo entries for next Wednesday’s post will be eligible to win!   I don’t think the contest has been posted yet, but know that if your child enters a photo for the blog, they will  get a chance to win a prize!  As a moderator of the group, I will be aiding with Shipra to offer other different contests here and there for fun!

Hope to see you at: (clickable photo)




  1. What fun. I will post when my brain clears a little more.

    I saw that your brother and family will be coming back to the states for a vistit. Give little Micah a hug and kiss from me. K


  2. Wow-this looks really nice! I will check it out. Love your rock art!
    Hey, I'm so sorry I never responded about your offer of a soaker. My grandmother died and I got way behind on so many things.
    I really appreciate your offer and will take measurements, if you still don't mind doing that. However, it doesn't seem like the few washcloths that I made for you is an even trade. Could you use some more? LOL Love, Holly

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