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What are YOUR kids thinking about?

And not only what are they THINKING about . . . but what words do you hear coming out of their mouths due to their thoughts??  I know that the bible tells me that all children are foolish . . . but many of the things my children have done are a direct result of things we have allowed them to view; therefore putting negative thoughts into their heads.

Philippians 4:8 is the “whatsoever things” verse 🙂  It is saying that “whatsoever things are” . . . “true”, “honest”, “just”, “pure”, “lovely”, “of good report” and “if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things”.

Again I ask you . . . “what are YOUR kids thinking about?”  If you asked ME the same question, it would be tough for me to answer you without feeling horrible.  Although I train my children up in the Lord & discipline them biblically,

I have had big struggles with what tends to come out of their mouths!  I know to SOME people they may just view my children as “typical kids” with potty mouths, but I know for SURE that much of what I hear them say that is inappropriate comes from shows we have allowed them to view.

I have really been taking the verse from Philippians and analyzing some of the shows we’ve allowed in our home.  To take it a step further (and to add to my guilt!!!!) I decided to search for many of the shows on “Plugged In” and view some of the crude language spoken in the movies.

After reading SOME of the things that are in these movies (ALL of which my children have viewed over the last few years) NOW I have a good knowledge as to why my kids have a hard time NOT saying “butt”, “stupid”, “idiot” etc.


“Well, this sucks.”  and “Your teeth are in my butt!”

Madagascar 2:

My kids get that song in their head “I like to move it move it, I like to shake it shake it” and move their bodies innappropriately when singing it!!

Night at the Museum:

“oh, thit.” , There’s one “a–“, “dang” and “freakin”,

Ice Age 2 – The Meltdown:

“A–” gets trotted out three times—in reference to a wild donkey, a mother exclaims “d–n!” while looking at—you guessed it—a natural dam made of ice, “stupid,” “idiot,” “moron”, “crap,” “butt”; talk of “pee” and vomit, and “shut up”.


“you idiot,” “you fool” and “you moron.”

Open Season:

“Butt” is said a few times. “Crap,” “pee,” “dang,” “crud” and other mild but imitable words are also tossed in, along with lots of name-calling (“knuckle-dragger,” “tree-hugger,” “freak,” “idiot,” “smelliot,” “whack-job,” “loser”).

Ratatouille: (listed on Netflix as ages 5-7)

“Shut up” and a smattering of mild insults (“idiot,” “garbage boy”)

Kung Fu Panda:

“idiot.” , “fat butt, flabby arms and a ridiculous belly.” , “I sucked more than … anyone in the history of sucking.”

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory:

“idiot,” “jerk,” “loser,” “retard,” “porker” and “stupid.”

Shrek 2 and Shrek the third:

“Butt” is used a number of times, Puss In Boots calls Donkey an “ass”

Lobbed insults include “dork,” “loser,” “freak,” “stupid,” idiot,” “fool,” “moron” and “twit.”

Nanny McPhee:

“Bum,” “Bosoms,” “Poop” and “Oglington Fartworthy”, “shut up.”

Toy Story and Toy Story 2:

“idiot,” “stupid,” “bozo,” “dirt bag” and “creep”

“idiot” and “moron.”

Spy Kids & Spy Kids 2

“Oh, shiitake mushrooms”

another “shiitake mushrooms” , “You are so full of shiitake mushrooms.” “my butt,” “poop,” “kick his butt”

OK… I’ll come out of the big hole I just dug to throw myself into and tell you what we plan on doing about this!

NO more shows or books will be allowed into our home that don’t pass the Philippians4:8 test!  Since we have a lot of videos and a gazillion books, it will take me a while to weed through them, but our goal is to only allow the kids to watch and read books that are truthful, innocently pure, teach a lesson, etc.

My oldest daughter, age 8, wrote a little story, the other day, on this long scroll of paper.  To make a LONG story short,  the title was “The Poop Boat”.  LOL Although I have laughed at how silly she is in her foolishness, I have also felt horrible that this has been allowed without seriously looking into how to stop it!

My middle son has quite a potty mouth too at times.  He and my daughter get cracking up laughing over “butt” this and “butt” that and “poop” talk and all that “LOVELY” stuff.

My oldest child isn’t as bad with potty talk, but I’ve heard some “stupid”s and name calling quite a bit.

My younger ones, of course, follow along with their older siblings.  I just heard my little 3.5 year old earlier saying “you a butt crack”.  ARGH!!!  Sometimes I can’t believe it!!  I know some children say a lot worse, but in our home, those are swear words!  I hear my youngest daughter every now and then singing “I like to shake it, shake it” and then she’ll shake her little behind and I have to tell her it is NOT appropriate!

Are you seeing a pattern here???  Although they WILL hear it from other kids, I just KNOW we are to blame for much of what they have on their minds, especially reading the things in the movies listed above!

Well, today I let the 2 little kids pick out a book to read before their nap.  One of the books was “Alexander and the Wind-up Mouse”.  The book is about a mouse that sees a toy mouse and wishes it was a toy.  The story ends up being about a lizard with powers that can turn you into whatever you wish as long as you have a purple pebble.  In the end, the lizard turns the toy mouse into a real mouse.  Through the book I saw the confusion especially in my youngest.  He asked “do they really talk?” and “is he gonna be a real mouse?” and things like that.  I even found myself skipping the word “magic” when it spoke about the lizard.  After the book was done I said, “do you think that can really happen?” and they said “no” so I explained how silly the book was because no one but God has any power to change anything.  That book is in the trash.  Why donate it if it’s not something I would want ANY kids to read.  If other parents allow it, then they can just go and seek out the book themselves.  I feel better just tossing it!  If it’s GARBAGE then it belongs IN the garbage!

OK…I’m stepping off my soap box now.  I challenge you to read the verse and pray about what you let into your children’s minds!  God is so awesome!!  I love it when His word speaks to my heart and I am willing to do His will.  I know this is an area I have been stubborn about for a LONG time!

~~~ Thanks for letting me share a bit about my life and walk with my Lord!

🙂 Bridget






  1. I totally agree with you. So many movies don't come back in the home because the children come away with "potty talk". Great post.


  2. Thank you for sharing in such detail about this. I am going to pray about this and really search out how to better apply Phil 4 in our home. I've actually been reading your blog for years, but I can't remember If I've ever commented before. I will also look forward to seeing your knitting videos. I know how to knit, but I can't make anything. Thank you for sharing this, I will definitely ponder over this matter today.


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