Posted by: purityseekers | May 29, 2009

Managers of Their Homes (MoTHs)

I had borrowed a copy of "Manager’s of Their Homes"

from friend’s last year and really loved the idea of scheduling.  I had been trying to get a schedule in place for years without success. 

I dived RIGHT into a schedule, which was my largest mistake!  I hadn’t prayerfully read the book, taking time to really allow for note taking, ideas to pop into my head, etc.  Instead of letting God be my guide, I was doing it all on my own.  As usual, when I do this, I am setting myself up to fail.

Well, I was encouraged by another blogger to start reading the book.  It was still on my bookshelf so I made a plan to start reading it from the beginning.  That very day my Husband was talking to the owner of the book and he asked for it back!!!  I was bummed BUT it ended up a good thing!  I went to the Maxwell’s site ( and saw they had a big family "SPECIAL KIT" including "MoTHs" but also "Manager’s of Their Chores", "Manager’s of Their Homeschool", and a ton more!!  I bought it and when it came in the mail I couldn’t believe all the info!  YIPPEE!!

So I decided to take it slow.  I didn’t even pick it up for a few weeks.  I just kinda let my heart desire it and slowly made a few little changes in our life to allow for me to feel ready to take the big step!

I’m keeping a journal as I read so I can refer back to what I accomplished and jot down notes and the Lord leads me.  I started reading "MoTHs" May 25th.  I read the preface and the first chaper.  I had a couple ideas I noted and that was that.

Then 2 mornings later I picked it back up and read another chapter, but this time I made more notes and a few things really clicked with me!  She spoke of how she used to think she needed 8 hours of sleep, but then chose to get 7 hours.  I wrote in my journal:

11 PM – 6 AM

10:30 PM – 5:30 AM

10 PM – 5 AM

I’m a visual person, and seeing that if I went to bed at 10 and that getting up at 5 would be 7 hours of sleep, it is now etched in my mind!  Have I accomplished this yet?  No, but I have been going to bed a bit before 10 and this AM I woke (without an alarm!) at a little before 6AM. 

The 3rd day I read (yesterday the 28th) I ended up loving it so much I read pages 11-48!  (I DID skip the section about managing with a baby though)  I jotted down TONS of notes and really was encouraged!  I have spent time each morning talking with my Husband about what I’m learning and things I want to implement into our lives!  It’s fun!

Then today I woke up and read pages 49-67 and again…more notes!

I was encouraged today to view my summer as a good time to start a bootcamp and get this whole schedule up and running for Fall!  I’m not being being hasty about it . . . I am taking my time and enjoying it!

Today I had just a bunch of notes!  It’s amazing when you take time when your home is quiet to read and think!  I have things I want to start doing, even without a big set schedule!  Something as simple as taking walks together EVEN IF it rains!  That means we all need good raincoats!  So . . . I wrote down "buy rain coats".  I want a few of children to be in charge of setting the table each day, and when I spoke with them about it the other day I said "and you’ll put a napkin at each seat".  I don’t buy paper napkins since we use cloth, but I don’t have many nice cloth napkins for meals.  I use what we have more like paper towels around the kitchen!  The few I DO like that we used to use at meals just aren’t enough.  So . . . I wrote "sew cloth napkins".

I am just so excited to start this!  And seeing how much I’ve read in just a couple days I can’t wait to complete the book and getting started on S L O W L Y planning our schedule!

I’ll have to keep you posted as to how the schedule turns out and different things along the way!



  1. I'm glad you're taking it slow and implementing little things before diving into the whole process. I tried using MOTH's for 2 summers in a row. I would spend days making out the schedule (after reading the book and taking notes) and get very excited, but I had a hard time following through. I think it was just getting out of old habits.
    This year I started reading Managers of their School and really found some great advice in there. It changed the way I was viewing our schooling and helped me make some definite decisions about what my goals are.
    I love the pictures of the clothes on your blog.

  2. I think ths MOTH book is such a great wealth of wisdom and practical planning. It's helped me out so much in tweaking those areas in our life that seemed to need some scheduling help. Glad you're enjoying it so much. I think slow and easy is the best way to start implementing the scheduling ideas.

  3. enjoy, these have been a great source of encouragement to me over the past 5 years. I keep going back and rereading them and gleen more from them.

  4. I'm spreading the word about United We Kneel. Check it out at

    God bless!

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