Posted by: purityseekers | May 27, 2009

I love my friends.

Life was SO hard when I was a first time Mama.  I was in the midst of a difficult marriage, was attending church usually alone, and had very few friends.  The few friends I DID have lived far enough away that I couldn’t see them very often.  We only had one vehicle and very little money.  The women I spent time with the most probably felt bad for me and were there to help to ease my burdens and strengthen me during my time of trouble, but I wouldn’t consider them close friends.  For the longest time I didn’t know the feeling of having encouraging fun friends to just enjoy!

I prayed fervently.  When I was alone, which was often, I would cry out to the Lord to deliver me from the burdens I carried.  I prayed He would someday provide me with not only a couple friends . . . but more friends that I knew what to do with!  I wanted my son to be homeschooled (I knew this before he was born!) and I wanted him to have wonderful friends.

Here I am.  It’s been about 11 years since I would cry at my window, looking out into the dark night, not knowing where my husband was and feeling so alone.  Living in the country and being left without a vehicle often, made me feel so isolated.  I would cry my heart out to God and never did I get angry AT God.  I would just pray for His deliverance.  Now as I look back at all of the years that have passed, I see how He worked in my life and truly did answer all of my prayers in HIS timing.

I am remarried (for 9 years) and have 4 more children.  I homeschool all of my children and my oldest never had to attend public school.  I’ve always stayed home and have never had to work outside of my home.  I have a Husband that would NEVER leave me alone to feel isolated.  He likes to be home.  I started making friends over the years, through church, library, etc. and now . . . I truly DO have so many friends that I don’t know what to do with them all!! LOL  Well, that’s a lie.  God not only blessed me with oodles of noodles of friends, but He also gave me the desire to start a homeschool group through Yahoo Groups a few years back.  Although it started out slowly, THAT is the reason so many of us got to know each other and now share through the group.  We have gotten to know each other more everyday, by getting together and sharing life with each other!

I’m getting all sappy.  I tend to do that when I have sat and looked at photos of times spent with my friends.  Like a few weeks ago.  I had a birthday party for my oldest son at local playground by the river that runs through our town.  I held it on a Friday afternoon (when most kids are in school!) and there were 40 kids at his party!!  Not only has God blessed ME with an abundance of friends, but He went the extra mile and blessed my children with more kids than they know what to do with!!! LOL  When I looked at the group photo from his birthday, I just wanted to cry at how good my Lord is!

My oldest son is the taller boy in the white t-shirt 🙂 (My Husband snuck in the photo to make me laugh… he’s to my son’s left in the back LOL)

When I look at photos like this, I shoot right back to that day and smile.

Yesterday I invited ladies over for a day to learn how to make bread!  My wonderful friend, Shipra, had asked me several times to teach her . . . so I planned a day and offered for whoever wanted to learn to come on over and learn!

Again . . . here is a photo of the kids that came over to hang out while us Mama’s baked bread . . .

Goofin’ around . . .

My students and their bread . . . (well, all but my Niece to the far right . . . she helped me teach!)

Gotta love squeezin’ that dough . . . (it’s play dough for Mama’s!  A good way to relive your childhood AND feed your kids some hearty goodness!)

If anyone is interested in what recipe I use for bread . . . it is Amish White Bread that I transformed to whole wheat by replacing 2-3 cups of white flour for whole wheat flour. I personally prefer buying my wheat in bulk at the healthfood store (50 lb. bags of each) that I keep in a freezer.  I order organic whole wheat and organic white w/ the germ added back in.  OR if money is tight . . . I just buy non-organic.  Either way, the bread is MUCH healthier than store bought bread!

Anyway, God has truly blessed me and my family with spectacular friends and I give Him all the praise!

To all my friends who read this . . . I love each and every one of you and thank the Lord you are in my life 😉

As usual, thanks for letting me share bits and pieces of my life with you!




  1. The bread making group looks like they had a ton of fun!


  2. What a special post, Bridget. I love that you got 'sappy' and how wonderfully the Lord has answered your heart's cry for friends, and family, and homeschooling.
    We had such an amazing time baking bread with you. Honestly, we have a great time WHENEVER we can hang with your awesome family and the Yahoo Homeschool group. YOU have been an answer to prayer for me, my friend. xo

  3. Oh how wonderful! I hear you. Isn't God amazing how He works it out like this. I too look back to when I got out of the Navy moved back to California and married my dear hubby. Nov 1999. I had two from my first marriage and we have added 4 more and WOW the friends and homeschoolers I know now!. It brings tears of joy to my eyes just thinking about it. Reading what you have gone through….I can relate and rejoice with you my friend. God Is Good!!

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