Posted by: purityseekers | May 5, 2009

Picky Eater and other ramblings…

I have a picky eater.  I have had them before, but not like this.  My middle son could live off peanut butter and jam sandwiches if I let him.  He used to like just about anything, but one day he gagged on some chili burger and that was the start of it. 

After the burger incident… then came chicken.  He eats chicken nuggets from restaurants and fast food joints, but no matter how I make it… he refuses to eat it.  (mainly because he sees a dead chicken being put into the oven and it grosses him out!) I’ve had my share of Mama nutties over this, then I’d just give up and give him PB & J.  I tried just having him NOT eat.  Then I tried just giving him all the side dishes and no meat.  I really don’t care if he eats chicken or not… I’d actually rather him get his protein from peanut butter (especially since we use natural without sugar)… but its the whole idea of him just being so picky about MY chicken that bugs me.

Here is my little man at the island yesterday with his HUGE amount of broiled chicken smothered in honey…


What you see on that paper is this… my oldest son made this note telling him what his "rewards" would be if he ate his chicken.  Some shots with his BB gun, ice cream, a ribbon and 2 games!"  The reason being… I said that if HE didn’t eat his chicken, no one would get dessert!

Needless to say… we got over a hurdle!  He ended up eating it (and guzzling some water to get it down LOL) and they all got ice cream!  From now on I just asked him to please eat his chicken when I serve it out of respect and knowing he CAN eat chicken anywhere else we go!  Anyone else have this problem??

My sweet daughter came in today with some greens for me to put in a little vase.  I got this little cream pitcher at Goodwill for this very purpose and I think they look really pretty 🙂  She saw I had taken my anniversary roses out to hand dry and left the pretty greens in the vase for a few days, so she said she knew I’d like these!  Isn’t she thoughful???

The rains haven’t come quite yet, so my kids were outside playing this AM and I went outside and found my son up in a tree.  There’s just something about a kid in a tree.  I love it!  (especially a tree that has a face!)

Well, I just handed my camera to my 3 year old.  I wonder what shots he will get that I can blog about!!  I’ll be back!!


  1. Great pictures as usual! My son is a picky eater have my sympathy!
    Here is a blog I thought you might like-

  2. As the mother of an uber-picky eater (Preston) I feel your pain!! I've always said the child lives on a sip of water and a gulp of air 🙂 He would exist on yogurt, pb&j and junk food if I allowed it. Veggies are equal to torture to him……


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