Posted by: purityseekers | April 24, 2009

Lego Addiction…

Before I talk Legos, I wanted to post a photo of the greens we planted at the greenhouse a while back during a homeschool group.  I have to re-pot them today.  The kids have had so much fun watching each of their 4 plants change!

OK…back to Legos.  There could be worse addictions.  As a homeschooling Mama I would MUCH rather my kids be addicted to those awesome little plastic bricks than being hypnotized by a tv or playing video games 🙂

We have a lot of Legos.  Ever since my “almost” 12 year old was small, we’ve gotten sets here and there.  I remember one year asking everyone to get Legos for his birthday.  He ended up with a couple really big sets!  My Husband’s Father had gotten him a really big set for Christmas and he and my parents both got sets for his birthday, so that started a really great collection!  You can imagine how many Legos could be acquired over the course of say 7 or more years!

Well, recently my 6 and 8 year olds have gotten this cute fascination with saving money to buy Legos.  It started a few weeks ago when they both pooled their money together in hopes to by a “rock monster” Lego set.  They talked about it for DAYS until finally Daddy brought them to the store and they got their blessed little green rock guy set.

Isn’t he just darling?  OK.  Maybe “darling” isn’t the perfect word for him, but to THEM he is just the bomb!  When you lift the top of his head there is a gem thing inside.  That is what makes him even cooler!!  (my 3 year old just came over to the computer and laughed and said “Is that the rock monster on your thing?” and then started yelling to all the kids to come and see it. Haha Guess they all love this little strange guy!)

Yesterday they got the Lego bug again and decided to count change they had collected since their last trip to the store.  (and to beg Big Brother to share some of his ching ching!)  They had maybe $6?  They literally seek out any areas of the house where they may find a quarter, a penny… ANYTHING that is worth something.  My Husband keeps a change jar and I have money on our dryer from pockets.  If they find money laying around they always kindly ask for it and I don’t mind.  We don’t do allowances so scrounging around and begging is their only real means of getting money at this point LOL.

My Husband got home from work and they started trying to convince him to take them to the store.  The only problem was they didn’t have QUITE enough to buy what they wanted.  It started out that they wanted something that cost about $8.  Well, needless to say, he DID take them last evening to the StuffMart and Big Brother DID oblige and they ended up with a $20 set of of Legos.

They spent time before bed building the different parts and Daddy and “Z” put all the stickers on.  They had a blast!!!  Then they woke up this AM and that’s ALL they’ve been doing ever since!  Gotta love homeschooling freedom!

Here’s “Z” and “A” (and my little man in the background) with the set this AM…

My oldest son took this cute picture the other day of something he made for “A”.  He said there was no “G” block, so he just used Legos…

Legos.  What would the world be like without them?



  1. I love legos…they …in my opinion are the best toy because they go from young children up to adults! 🙂


  2. Your kiddos sound just like my son with the legos…down to that is the exact little green guy my son wants! LOL! Cute story!


  3. We have a serious Lego addiction in this house too. My 13 year old is the ring leader. We are wondering if they will ever outgrow it!

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