Posted by: purityseekers | April 24, 2009

Homemade Whipped Cream Recipe

Homemade whipped cream.  After you have it, "Cool Whip" and the spray can stuff just can’t compare!! 

For my oldest daughter’s birthday this year she wanted (of all things) an "Oreo" cake.  I am all about homemade cookies, but it was her birthday so I allowed her to decide!  I hunted online for ideas for Oreo cakes and this is what we ended up making and it was AWESOME!  I am now a fan of occasionally buying Oreos just so that we can have this treat sometimes!

I just went to the site and a photo was uploaded by someone who used the recipe, but this isn’t what the regular recipe looks like.  It ends up to be a 9X13 dessert, not an actual cake.  (well, of course, unless you used round pans and changed the recipe a bit!)  I love it just the way the recipe states EXCEPT to make it more "healthy" (using that word VERY loosely LOL) I replaced the "frozen whipped topping" for the REAL DEAL!  Just double (or triple!!!) the whipped cream recipe! 



The reason I got on a whipped cream kick on here today was because my oldest daughter (or little chef) decided to make a big fruit salad this morning.  She grabbed some fruit and got to working.

A light went on in my head (that’s rare) and I remember some heavy whipping cream I had purchased for that very reason!  SO I had the younger kids help me whip away!  4 hands are DEFINITELY better than one!

We are out of white sugar (not a BAD thing) and I’ve been using more honey for a sweetener, but decided to use brown sugar today.  The little white covered mason jar is my homemade vanilla!  This is a must have for people who bake a lot! (a lot cheaper and super yummy!!!)  Yes…it is pure vodka with vanilla beans in it… but I copied this from an online site telling what was in McCormick’s Pure Vanilla extract (which is what I used to use)…

"Vanilla Bean Extractives in Water, Alcohol (35%), and Corn Syrup"

I’d much rather do without the "corn syrup" 🙂  and assume the water would make it have less vanilla kick!  No matter what… I love it! (recipe after picture)  

This is how I made mine (taken from a website)…

Vanilla Extract Recipe

  • Split 7 vanilla beans end-to-end with a sharp knife. Add these to a .750 liter (1/5) bottle of rum, vodka, everclear, scotch, brandy, or alcohol of your choice.
  • Let stand for three to four weeks before using.
  • When bottle is 1/4 full add three to four more beans and more alcohol.
  • Let stand for another week before using.
  • Seeds may float in the syrupy liquid but unless you are giving the finished product as a gift, don’t remove them–they only add to the flavor.
  • Use one-forth to one-third the amount called for in most recipes as this has a very strong vanilla flavor.
  • The vanilla beans are good as long as they have a vanilla scent.
  • When they have lost their scent, discard and replace with fresh beans.
  • You may remove the beans from the alcohol base and either scrape or chop and use them in recipes in place of the extract if you want a strong vanilla flavor.

I feel so Mrs. Ingallish when I use brown sugar.  Reading so many of the "Little House" books where they speak of it being a treat to get "white" sugar 🙂  Since we ran out of white, we’ve used brown in our coffee and it’s helped me get over the stigma that I’ve carried since childhoold, that you can only use brown sugar in certain recipes and it has to be packed JUST right.  My Mom was a perfectionist (which isn’t a BAD thing, Mom!) but I’ve had to step out of the box on occasion and do the "abnormal". LOL  OK now I’m sounding like I need psychotherapy, but you know there are some of you out there that know JUST what I’m talking about!! hehe

I was the girl in "Joy of Cooking", my senior year in high school, that got in fights with my best friend, Donna, because she didn’t want to tap the side of the measuring cup bearing flour and then slide her knife across the top!!!  Can you believe her???? haha I was like "you are NOT doing it right!!!!" and she was like "get over it… it really doesn’t matter!!!"  In the end, she passed with 90’s and I "almost" failed (since I skipped most of my classes… but that is another matter LOL) but my teacher was nice to me and gave me an extra point to pass! PHEW!  Go figure.

Anyway.   I have been trying to get out of the darn box for years and am finally almost out!  I hardly ever measure anything and wing it half the time.  My friend, Michelle, could attest to my "zero knowledge" of REAL cooking because I would call her and be like "how to you boil off a chicken…that’s just gross" haha and she’d explain in detail how to boil off the carcass (ew I despise that word) and she’d tell me about picking the chicken meat off (I can do it now without wanting to gag) and I just didn’t have a clue!  Now me and the carcass are old friends and I can make a mean soup!!

So, back to the homemade whipped cream. I had a faithful helper the whole time.  How can my "baby" be this big???

While we made the topping, Miss "Z" put the fruit into serving bowls…

The brown sugar made it taste great, but left the color a bit tinted 😉

While the fruit chef put the whipped cream on, 2 little cuties at the island had fun licking off the beater thingys…

Isn’t she sweet and growing into such a little lady?

Alright!  That’s all for now!

As usual, thanks for letting me share a slice of our life!

🙂 Bridget





  1. I just found your blog through etsy….I was loving your cute wool soakers!! Love the ruffles…and the cute skirt! Saw in your blog name that you homeschool so I thought I'd check out the blog. 🙂 I'm also a stay at home, Christian homeschool mom of 2…and was JUST talking with my husband last night about making homemade whip cream for Mother's day! LOL! I think we'll try your recipe! Thanks!! Melody

  2. I love home-made whipped cream & it's so simple to make! Your daughter's fruit salad looks delicious.
    I have wanted to make my own vanilla extract for the last couple years, but still haven't gotten around to it. I have a website bookmarked for where I plan to get the vanilla beans. Maybe I'll go order some soon. Your kids are all getting so big! Holly

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