Posted by: purityseekers | April 23, 2009

Quiet Evening…

so I have some time to post…

I went to visit my friend Emily’s blog and just love to see new posts, especially if I haven’t visited for a while!  I get to catch up by scrolling around and oohing and aaahing at all her interesting things… and it made me think.  Even if I just try to post a pic or two and gab, it would be better than not posting much at all!!!  I tend to let things slide for so long that I feel like I have too much to catch up on!!  From now on, I am going to come over here, post whatever I feel like posting, talk your ear off if I’m in the mood to… and enjoy sharing my life with you all 🙂

My friend, Summer, was making lip balm one day a few weeks back when I was visiting.  I asked her how she did it and she gave me the recipe from a book she had purchased.  Well, I lost it.  SO thank the good Lord for google!  I searched and found a similar recipe and made some inexpensive and incredible lip balm!  SO easy and fast and it will last for SO long!

In the top of a double boiler, I melted just a small portion of the beeswax (after hacking it to pieces— and then realized I should have grated it!! WHAT was I thinking??? That is some rugged stuff!)  I would say I melted about 1/5 of the brick of wax, costing me about $1 for the amount I used.  Along with that I added 8 oz. of almond oil (half of the large bottle I purchased) which cost a little over $9… so about $4.50 for the 8 oz.  Once it was all melted, I mixed in a teaspoon of honey and some Peppermint Essential Oil.  I bought a 4 oz. bottle (forgetting I already had a smaller bottle at home!) and it cost me a little over $13.50 but will last for… oh I don’t know…eternity maybe??  EO goes so far!!  I didn’t put enough of it in (I did about 20 drops) or maybe its just that I didn’t mix it well.  One jar smelled nice and minty… the other very beeswaxy.  But I like the smell of beeswax, so we’re good. 

Anyway, the total cost for making 2 cute little jars full was around $6 at the most and just think of what one leeeeetle tiny tin of Burt’s Bee’s costs!  I think you can only fit maybe a tablespoon into the tin!


(and the little measure cup to the left is a bit my niece snatched 🙂  It was so cute when it was cooled.  It just popped right out like a little ice cube of beeswax!)

While it was cooling and "looked" completely cooled, my 8 year old wanted to try it out and her little finger popped right into it! hehe

On the 15th, my husband and I celebrated 9 year’s of marriage 🙂  Wow time sure does fly?  Especially having baby after baby, huh?? haha

He bought me these beautiful roses…

Oh and that’s our new stainless steel pantRy (glad I edited this…I had left the "R" out the first time…ha) rack thingy in the background.  It’s funny.  Ever since we got it, I’ve seen it on tv twice.  The first time was during "The Office" and it was in Michael’s condo…and the other was on the news the other day while they were doing a shoot at a NY food bank!  There were a ton of them!  I have to tell you… it is an awesome price for so much storage!  I saw it for even less online…but we got it for about $80.  For anyone looking for more storage but don’t want to spend too much… this is a great option!  Especially for a large family… we have needed the extra cupboard space where our pots, pans, casserole dishes, mixing bowls, etc. used to be!

You can see on the right side of my blog that I have added my shop listings.  I was going to post a few pix of things I’ve made, but figure that will do for now 😉  I’m getting tired!  (and my husband just bought me some dark chocolate with caramel…so I feel the need to go and read my recent amish novel and have a little mama treat!)

This is what I’m reading, btw…

As usual, thank you for letting me share pieces of my life with you!



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