Posted by: purityseekers | April 4, 2009

Green is good. (lots of pix)

 We went on a GREAT homeschool tour the other day at a local GREENHOUSE!  It was SO much fun and the kids learned a ton!

Here are the groups waiting to go inside!  They seperated us up into 2 sections of about 20 kids each!


Daddy was able to meet us there!  How cool is THAT???

We started with a tour around the greenhouse!  I loved that they wanted the kids to use their senses and were encouraging them to touch and smell all the things they saw! 

On the way…

"Z" smelling some pretty pansies and my friend, Shipra’s youngest son, "R", as they were exploring!

Daddy with the 2 youngest smelling the herbs!  MMMMM.

Pretty as a flower.

My big guy, "C" and Shipra’s oldest son, "N"! 

Look at all that green goodness and vibrant colors!!!

Two "Pretties in Pink"…

Great friends… (the 2nd is my "A" and then Shipra’s middle son "C")

Father and son…

I love this little man…

"C" wanted to smell what fresh catnip had for a scent…

Big brother showing the little ones something interesting…


Then we left the green house section and went into the store to look at what they had inside!  Daddy loves plants (just like his Dad did) and we are going to be coming back to get lots of fun things soon!!  We’re going to have to make room because he loves the big things the best!

 Colorful Cacti


 Shipra made sure to get some good shots… (I want her camera.)

 I LOVED these when I was a kid!  Venus Flytraps!!!

 Aren’t these adorable?


 My middle son snatched my camera and this is one of the shots he got!!  Isn’t it wonderful???

 Then it was on to the planting room!  I had kids on each side of the room 🙂

"E" was waiting patiently while we listened to the instructions…

They each got a 4 celled planter which they filled with soil!

It’s always fun to play in dirt!!!

 You had to make sure you were able to see the "plus sign" in between!  Great job, "A"!

The big kids filling theirs…

I love the action of the dirt! 

 The instructor said to poke one hole into one cell and "E" did it JUST RIGHT!

 Here are the seedlings!

"L" picked hers and got lucky because it was TWO in one!

See?? (and they all got a piece of aloe earlier… you can see hers on the table along with a few things she found here and there in the greenhouse)

"A" got a jumpstart on the rest of his planting…

What a handsome little man "R" is.  All of Shipra’s boys are so incredibly sweet and cute!  Wonder if any of them will marry one of my girls??  Hm.

Here’s his stunning Mama with her newest beauty.  I love the "binoculars" staring over at me from across the room.  You can look at Shipra’s photography site to see loads of awesome photos!!  My kids are here and there on her blog!

 When planting seeds, the rule was to only poke a hole as deep as your fingernail!  She had the kids all hold their pointers up!

 Mama and kids…TAKE ONE.

Mama and kids… TAKE TWO.  That’s better 🙂

 But it’s hard to not be silly when you are 3!

 Time to water…


They ended up planting 4 different things.  Seeds, Seedlings, Cuttings & Bulbs…

Daddy took this sweet photo…

Once we were home, I put all of the kids planters on a cookie sheet in front of the window in our room!  My scrapbooking table was the best place and one of the sunniest spots in the house!  What a fun day!!




  1. What a fun field trip.

  2. this was one of the best field trips i've ever been on. Longfellows did such a wonderful job. Thanks so much for inviting me.

  3. Awesome series of pics. Looks like a fantastic field trip. I love greenhouses 🙂

    Have a blessed Resurrection Day!

  4. That's awesome. I read this post and it made me think of a tutorial I saw on making self watering planter out of an empty 2 or 3 liter soda bottle and cotton twine, although you could probably use left over cotton yarn. I thought maybe you could let the kids do it and tie it in with your field trip. Here's a link:

    It's good to see you again. I sure do miss so crafty friday. 😦


  5. What a beautiful family! It looks like they all had fun with their planting experience. I happened upon your blog through the random blog button. I enjoyed reading it! I hope it is okay that I visit again. 🙂


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