Posted by: purityseekers | March 30, 2009

Two Entries In One Day!

I love thrift shops!  I found these cute little teensy weensy pans at Goodwill this weekend!  I have a total of 5 (perfect for my amount of kids!) tiny funnel pans and 6 donut pans!  Aren’t they the sweetest little “not much bigger than a nickel” pans you’ve ever seen???  I am making some cake batter soon to see how they work 🙂

And I had to post some pix of my kids painting this afternoon 🙂  I don’t brave the mess too often, so when I do I like to show lots of photos!!!  (and by the time we were done, I had kids who had painted their hands black, paint drips from the D.R. to the bathroom, sopping wet paint sponges… just a huge disasterous amount of what they would call “fun”!)

Here’s “C” (and “A” behind him) making some masterpieces…

I had to post a couple cute ones of “Z”.  My Dad had come over for a few minutes and was telling me how he had seen an older woman from his end of the neighborhood (we live 4 streets away from each other) and she had asked about me (I’ve known her since I was a kid) and how my “daycare” was working out.  That is why “Z” has that adorable smirk on her face in the first picture.  I don’t blame the woman for thinking that!!

I had to sneak this photo in because it was taken the other day while most public schooled kids were inside doing work!  No wonder she thought I ran a daycare!!

Oh…and how cute is THIS???

OK now, back to painting.

I love “A”s colorful circles AND how cute he looks in one of Daddy’s old t-shirts!

“L” was making a sweet apple tree…

And little guy “E” knows that you have to hold your tongue JUST right in order to be a good artist!

Now… back to little Miss “L”.  (I asked her permission before posting this picture!)  A lesson to be learned.  When you find half of an old plastic easter egg, do NOT hold it up to your mouth and suction it to your face!!!  3 out of my 5 kids have done such a thing in some way, shape or form and this is the effect…

She still looks cute all puckered up…

Here are a couple cute art pictures…

“Z”s beautiful rainbow handprint ended up getting covered by a plate someone was using as a paint palette.  Oh well, it is still art!

And I’ll leave you here with my island covered in the work of my children’s hands… and a little view of my corner of the world where I sit… often.  Too often.  But c’est la vie!

Did I say I was going to leave you?  Well, when I walked away for a minute to help my daughter brush her teeth, I saw this on the shower wall.  Just when you think you’ve cleaned up the horrid mess… you see this and really don’t care because it’s just so darn sweet!!  Now I am really leaving.  Bye!



  1. Lord have mercy!! Two posts in one day?? I may have to leave FaceBook too. I wanna come be a kid at your daycare.

  2. i wanna come to your daycare too!! Can we fingerpaint and climb trees and bake mini-cakes all day long? It looks like just the perfect kind of day.

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