Posted by: purityseekers | March 30, 2009

It's all Facebook's fault…LOL

I know I have been MIA for quite a while.

Ok… I will take part of the guilt for allowing myself to get sucked in, but I am starting to believe that FaceBook (AKA “CrackBook” LOL) is a tool of the devil himself!!  ARGH.  Ever since I joined FaceBook, I have not been faithful to blog over here.  I truly have felt some addiction issues with FaceBook!!  Pathetic, I know. lol.

Not that blogging can’t be an addiction of sorts, but man, on facebook it was just so overwhelming and just in a few clicks I could delve into other’s lives.  Not just the lives of a few of my friends.   Not just the lives of a few of my friends AND a few relatives.  Blasts from the past were hitting me left and right and it seemed more of a curiousity to see “what they look like”, “what are they up to”, “what do their kids look like”, “where do they live”, etc.  People have popped back into my world (good AND bad) like a worldwind over the course of just a few months!!!

Then I wanted my husband to join so we could chat through the day because he can access it from his cell phone while he’s working.  Great idea, right??  Well, that was enough to give me a nervous breakdown!  haha It seemed harmless adding old friends from school, but then I started going “who is THAT????”  And then an old girlfriend would pop up and although he didn’t even speak to them, I’d be again “What is SHE doing on there????”  I can totally trust him, but he just didn’t think it was a big deal adding ANYONE that requested his friendship!!!!!!!!!!!!  Ok.  breath.

I’m saying this now only because he also has seen it’s just not the best place in the world to be, so he has deleted his account.  I, on the other hand, who actually uses it to keep in touch with homeschool friends and things, took off anyone that didn’t really have to be there!  I had fun deleting, deleting, deleting!  I was on the phone with Katherine and we both were!!  She was saying “ok, don’t even KNOW this person–DELETE” and “we haven’t even talked since they became my friend on here–DELETE” and “I don’t even know why I have this person on here because I don’t even LIKE them haha— DELETE!!!!!”  How freeing when you are an addict!! LOL

So, I have committed myself to coming back over here and enjoying sharing my life and journey as a Christian homeschooling Mama with those who are all likeminded with me!  I will continue to share my experiences, joys, struggles, ideas, etc. I truly have missed being here!!

First off, I’d like to start by talking about a very little but VERY awesome homeschool thing that has really changed my perspective.  It’s Copywork!!!  Oh, and I say that word with so much love and a sigh.  Copywork.  Isn’t it a beautiful word???

My friend, Shipra, had spoken of copywork to me and how she has her boys copy different things she chose from words to sentence to fun things like Dr. Suess poems!  Then my friend, Michelle, had brought copywork up when she was talking about taking the Charlotte Mason approach this coming schoolyear.  Well, she got her books she ordered and was so excited that she already started!  She got ME excited too!

My mind started scrambling around and I decided to go shopping for some binders and things.  This is what I’ve come up with: (and we have started doing this today!)

The girls have pretty girly ones and the boys have solids…

I keep them in our new cubbies in the laundry room where they are easily accessible!  You can see them here and there along the middle area.  We’ll be investing in more cubbies so that we have 18 more spots (6 above the 6 on the left and then 2 more sections of 6 on top of each other way to the right!), but for now I have them tucked in by their jammies.  Once we have more cubbies…ALL of their schoolwork will be easily accessible!

Since English was one of my favorite subjects, I am having fun deciding what to put into their pages!  Once I get used to it and find a way that works best, it is going to be even more fun!  For now, I print off what I want to use, cut them out and paste them onto paper.

Here’s my oldest son’s first page. (he is almost 12) I chose a few pages of paragraphs I copied from a Shakespeare book we are reading:

Up close:

Then for my oldest daughter (age:8) I chose a poem:

Up close:

I know some parents would freak over the fact that each sentence slowly veers off to the right, but I remember doing that and I think it’s kinda cute!  And since I know how frustrating it was when I’d try to keep them in line, it just stressed me out, so I don’t want to torment her right now.  I’d rather smile.

OOH and to pause a moment…I totally regressed when I bought and used this for the first time last night:

I used to LOVE the glue with the stick when I was little, and this is the next best thing!  It has a sweet little brush and glides on nicely without any horrid bubbles!  It stinks (literally) but sticks so that’s all that matters to me!  I would fear to sniff this for longer than a nano second because I would probably get high. lol.  SO, I use it fast!

OK back to what I was using it for!

My middle son (age:6) has not done his first page of copywork yet, but this is what he’ll be doing: (please disregard that I spelled “ate” wrong… THANKS Cwisteen for pointing that out!! LOL)

And my youngest daughter, age 5, had me write a poem she thought of this AM and that is what she chose to copy instead of stuff I had prepared.

If you can’t see what it says…here’s a closer look:

Awww… “Twinkle Twinkle up above, you will see the beautiful love.”  Isn’t that adorable??

My littlest man (age:3.5) hasn’t done his yet either.  I have kept his simple and have printed off pages for him to doodle on and for me to introduce different letters and things:

So, copywork is my new friend!  Although the kids will continue to do their A.C.E. workbooks and other things, copywork is something I can always have prepared for the “I’m bored” times.  AND they can learn a lot from the different things they have to write!

Well, I hope to post again soon!  I really have missed blogging and really love to share my life with others with similar lives!

🙂 Bridget



  1. So are you TOTALLY leaving CrackBook?? I've been kinda bored/disinterested since they changed the format. Probably a good thing!! Oh, and BTW, what did the hen do?? Did she "at" some corn? I would think it would be "she et some corn." lol Glad to see a new blog post!!

  2. Love copy work. It is lots of fun. I love the notebooks you picked out. There is some free copywork downloadables at

    My kids do love them.

  3. I'm a crackbook addict too 😉Edited by OldPathsMom on Apr. 12, 2009 at 3:42 PM

  4. yeah facebook stinks doesn't it? I am considering starting a journal or something, maybe here….but I cannot stand facebook, such a time waster :/

    But I do want a way to keep in touch with people, especially since we are planning a move to TN really soon.a

    Glad you were freed from the addiction of facebook that think is evil!

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