Posted by: purityseekers | March 9, 2009

Winter Fun With Friends . . .

After church yesterday, my Niece, Haley, my oldest 3 children and I went to visit our friend, Shipra and her 4 children 🙂

The kids had a GREAT time playing outside together while us women had fun talking and knitting and loving up Shipra’s baby girl!

Although Haley and I were feelin’ LAZY, Shipra talked us into an afternoon walk!  I’m happy she did 🙂

We walked to a bridge that goes over the river and the kids had so much fun throwing snow down to try to break the ice . . .

They managed to break up a bunch of the ice and it was fun listening to them as they watched the ice float away!

Every now and then a car would go by and we’d all scoot over to the side of the road.  While we were on the bridge, I got this cute picture of all the kids . . .

And Shipra wearing her sweet daughter . . .

Is it wrong that I’m already planning their wedding in my head?  haha

On the other side of the bridge we saw what we believe must be moose tracks . . .

Then we headed back and the kids played on the trampoline!  You can tell, by the many pictures, that I had a blast watching them!  What a great change from the normal winter things like sledding and snowball fights!  They all got so hot that they took off their snow gear!

A wonderful bunch of kids . . .



  1. It all looks like wonderful fun!


  2. we had the best time that day! We have to do it again soon.

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