Posted by: purityseekers | March 2, 2009

"Thou hast made summer and winter". . .

THAT’S for sure!!  I am VERY well aware that God has made winter, but have to admit that I will be happy to start feeling the air warm to prepare for spring!  As I sit and type, the snow is way past the bottom of the windowsill.  When my kids are outside sledding, they are way up high above my eyes view!  It’s CRAZY!!!  When your husband has to go up on the snowbank to shovel the already shoveled snow to make MORE room to shovel the new snow. . . you KNOW you’ve had a lot of snow!!!

We woke up to this today. . .

But it’s been a quiet, semi-peaceful day around here though since we are snowed in!  I spent some time with the kids this AM reading a "Wisdom and the Miller’s" story and talking about how we shouldn’t spend time with foolish people. . . and then I did some schoolwork with my middle son.   My littlest man went and got a bucket of pipe cleaners and eventually all the kids had fun making things.  My older kids got paper cups and made some cool glasses. . .

"C" made his "I am a snobby professor" face. . .LOL

and here’s "Z" modeling hers. . .

and G.I. Joe got himself a new space outfit. . .

Then I sent the big guy upstairs to work on his PACE workbooks and the other kids have played pretty good together while I did this and that on the computer.  I’ve been working a bit on my Etsy shop and posting pix of my recent projects onto my Ravelry. 

This is a little tiny wool soaker (the first I’ve ever made) for my youngest daughter’s baby doll.  I’m not finished with the 2nd cuff yet, but will be probably once I am finished the bloomer longies I am working on!

These are my 2nd pair of bloomer longies and I call them "Snowy Willows".  I will be selling this 12-18 month pair and then offering customs on my shop, The East Side.  I had finished the 1st leg and then realized I hadn’t knit as many stripes as I wanted to, so I took the cuff off and will finish that leg after the 2nd.  Then I will knit the drawstring and decide if I want to add anything else 🙂  Any ideas??  Maybe a heart somewhere?  (I hid a heart under the last skirty I made)  I think the design I knit on the 1st pair made them a bit too busy.

This is a "Got Cloth?" pair that I finished but will be selling it as a "second" because of a cosmetic flaw in the front AND since the words are a bit too wide (at least for me since I am a perfectionist!!!! haha) See???   You can see the "C" on the left hip.  NOT OK!!! haha (although when they are worn you probably wouldn’t even notice)  The other cosmetic flaw is on the right hip (to the left as you are looking at the picture) a couple inches up from the first dark leg stripe.  It’s just a little wonky and I was NOT happy when I noticed it!!! 

Next time I will make sure the words are closer together, but cute nonetheless!

You can see other activity on my shop’s blog…

The East Side Knits

I have so many pictures that I want to add, but I have too many things I have to tend to!!!  I just miss blogging SO MUCH and wanted to make sure to pop on and add a few things!!! 

Have a wonderful week!!!!  Love, Bridget



  1. As always, your wool work is beautiful!

  2. As always…Great Job!! I love the skirty's.

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