Posted by: purityseekers | January 30, 2009

More Mini Madness…

After I told my friend, Katherine, that I had knit a teeny pair of longies, she made sure to let me know she expected a pair to match the longies I made her daughter a couple years ago. She just got them in the mail today and LOVES them!!


This is another pair I made her that is currently in the mail (and she doesn’t know, unless she sees this post!) It is a mix of 2 different yarns I used to make her newest baby shorties and longies 🙂


OK…this is the 1st pair I have ever knit and am using it myself as a keychain. Look…I hadn’t even grafted the gusset!!! HAHA My Niece cracked up that I even MADE a gusset! I’m OC like that!


On my keys…with cuffs rolled up LOL


And last but DEFINITELY not least (because I am DYING over these!!!!!) are a little mini version of my Ragdoll Bloomers…(which I still haven’t decided if I can ever part with them!!!)


If ever interested in a pair of organic longies or teeny weeny keychain shorties or longies, please visit me at and convo me if you don’t see what you are looking for!

🙂 Bridget


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